Airbnb Photo: 7 Not-So-Obvious Tips for Taking Property Pictures

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Airbnb photos are the first thing that attracts potential guests. Take the best pictures with these 7 tips!

According to experienced Airbnb hosts, photos are the first thing that attracts potential guests to a listing when they are looking through the available properties for rent. When done correctly, every Airbnb photo is a powerfully persuasive tool that will help to boost guests’ attraction to your listing.

To help you create an attention-getting Airbnb photo collection for your property, here are some hidden but highly effective Airbnb photo tips that you can use to attract more guests to your listing and earn more bookings.

1. Turn on the Lights in the Daytime

Airbnb photo tips

Light is one of the useful tools of a photographer because it helps to bring out the natural contrast, depth, and colors in your property. Having great lighting in your Airbnb photo will make it look more professional. When you shoot photos for your Airbnb listing, make sure to start by opening all of the blinds and curtains to let in the natural sunlight.

Professional photographs will do a lot more than simply increase your bottom line. The most valuable part of the professional images is that they increase the traveller’s perception of you and your vacation rental property, ultimately building and creating trust.

— Tyann Marcink, co-creator of VR Mastered & an absolute rockstar

However, one tip that most amateur Airbnb photographers overlook is the fact that you should also turn on the indoor lights even though it is daytime. Turning on the indoor lights will eliminate any dark corners from your Airbnb photo and provide your potential guests with a clear view of what your place has to offer.

This is an especially helpful tip for taking photos of the kitchen or bathroom where it isn’t likely that there will be much natural light entering these rooms even during the daytime. Turning on the lights will also help guests to see how clean your property is as well.

2. Shoot a Corner

Instead of shooting against a flat wall, shoot a corner of the room instead to add some dimensionality to the Airbnb photo. This will give your Airbnb guests a unique view of your place and it can also help to give them a true sense of perspective when it comes to the room sizes.

3. Pay Attention to the Details in Your Airbnb Photo

Most Airbnb hosts get so caught up in showing the major amenities that their property has to offer they forget about the details. The details are what matters to guests when they are trying to figure out what spending a night or a weekend at your place might be like.

Show the things that fill your property with personality and are there to make guests feel welcome. If you have some collectibles or a vegetable garden in the backyard, don’t be shy about adding photos of them to your listing.

4. Panoramic Shots

Panoramic shots are the best way to show off an entire room in a single photo. If you don’t have a way to take panoramic shots, then use a wide-angle lens for some shots. This type of Airbnb photo will give potential guests a better idea of the size of a space and also makes you seem more trustworthy as a guest because it shows that you aren’t trying to hide anything from your photos.

5. Paint a Lifestyle With Your Airbnb Photos

While some guests might appreciate only practical photos, the majority choose a property based on the lifestyle that it offers. For example, you can use your Airbnb photo collection to show that your property offers rustic living or is a sleek, urban pad by including a glass of wine and a cheese board or luxury toiletries in the bathroom. If your guests enjoy the outdoors, show where you keep your kayak or bicycles, complete with safety gear and ready to use.

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These types of photos are designed to attract specific types of guests to your property. Given that you probably going to earn more from certain demographics than others, you can attract more bookings if you use your photos to cater to what these guests want. You can also use photos to highlight your property’s cleanliness by showing the bed perfectly made up with neatly folded towels on top.

6. Take Photos From Different Angles

It’s rather boring for guests to look through an Airbnb photo collection of dozens of pictures all taken from the same angle. Some ways that you can mix it up is by taking photos from the ceiling pointing downward or from the ground level looking up. However, make sure that you are also capturing the amenities that guests want to see. Don’t only do it just to seem artistic!

7. Take Photos Around Town

While you want to make sure that you get your property from every angle, don’t forget to take photos of your neighborhood! People love to see where you live just as much as the property in which they will be staying. So make sure to get a few photos in of the restaurants down the street or the lake that’s only steps from the back porch.

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