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iGMS offers a clear and attractive reward system based on the LeadDyno platform. Once you sign up you can view your progress, find additional content about iGMS features, and quickly broadcast and share your referral link.

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We're thankful to YOU

that so many of our customers refer us to their friends and peers—at least 15% of our clients come to us through recommendations. We really do appreciate your backing and would like to reward your support, because customer like you: 

  • • Help us to build a strong community. • Help us to develop our vacation rental software. • Help your peers to overcome the struggles of hosting. • Help us to promote the virtues of our proven automation tools.  

Find out how to receive a credit for referring us to your friends and peers.

Rewards Program 

Here’s how payouts will be calculated depending on the invitee’s actions:

Fully Integrated Sign Up

$30 Vacation rental host signs up with more than 1 active properties linked to iGMS software.


$20 Vacation rental host signs up with 1 active properties linked to iGMS software.

New Paying Customer

If your friend also becomes a paying customer, you will get an additional payout per user:

+$50 For paying customers with 1—4 active properties linked.

+$100 For paying customers with 5—9 active properties linked.

+$250 For paying customers with 10 or more active properties linked.

New Referral Partner

If your friend joins the iGMS Referral Program via your invitation (use "Invite Others" on your Dashboard), you will get a payout per new referral partner:

$50 after the first integrated sign up via your friend’s referral link

Get rewarded for growing our Referral Program family!

Commissions will be paid directly to your PayPal account. We will also give your friend a $30 bonus!

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In a word—Yes! Because:

It’s super easy It’s super easy! You only need 1 minute to create your account in LeadDyno. Just use your PayPal email to register. 

It’s all done We’ve already prepared all materials for you: features description, SMM posts and email templates, images, plus expert references.  

It’s good to talk Our product has already earned a good reputation from the professional hosting community.  

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