2019 Roadmap 

Here at iGMS we are always striving to make improvements, and we’re delighted to share our plans for 2019 with you. In a nutshell, we are going for more channels integration, higher efficiency and even better user interface. Let us know what you want to see more of, and what we can do to help your business reach its ultimate goals.  

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Our plans for 2019

Booking.com Integration Integration with the world’s largest platform.

Onboarding Enhancement Improved app onboarding and integration process for new users

HomeAway/VRBO Integration New platforms integration launching for all users.

Reservations Section New section with the list of reservations.

Ticketing System Implementation of the subsystem tracking responsibilities and tasks within the app.

Notification Center Updating and expanding of notification subsystem.

Reviews 2.0 New design and functionality of working reviews section. “Smart” categories, storing the already published reviews, control of arising problems.

Tasks 4.0 Even more functions and convenience in working with tasks.

Inbox 2.0 New communication center.

Did we miss something? Let us know what features would be of help! 

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2018 Summary (to keep you up to date)

New Airbnb API New Integration to Airbnb API have made the application more stable and fast. Now there is an opportunity to post and manage listings on Airbnb. Onboarding process became easier.

Help Desk Launching the special website for customer support. The links to specific articles that match the app’s screen content are provided on the help panels.

HomeAway/VRBO Integration Beta testing of possibility to connect accounts of HomeAway family. The app has got an additional status of a Channel manager.

Auto-assign For Cleaners Possibility to “associate” the cleaner with the property and switch on the auto-assign function. After task creation a cleaner will be chosen and assigned automatically.

Export via iCal Reservations and tasks calendars became available for export to other apps or platforms.

Annual Subscription Plan An opportunity to save 33% was added to the line of tariffs by choosing an annual pricing plan.

Reservation Card The app now has a card of reservation which contains all the information about the booking: cleanings’ schedule, payment, guest’s details and other.

Switch-To Navigation New navigation in the app that allows quickly switch to the reservation calendar of the particular property.

Work Orders Report New task report has been added.

Single (Reservation) Calendar Monthly and annual calendar’s mode for any property. It shows reservations, tasks, notes. Users can change prices, availability, a minimal number of nights, create reservations manually.

Re-branding We have updated our site (optimized and sped up), the app and brand style.

iGMS Feature Request

Let us know what new features or tools you expect to see in iGMS in 2019 and we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.