Name Type Requireness Default value Description
propertyUid string required none Url parameter


Get information about specific property

Response sample

    "data": {
        "property_uid": "qc11106314",
        "name": "Superior Single Room with Sea View",
        "address": "402 W Georgia St, Vancouver, V6B 5A2",
        "checkin_time": "15",
        "checkout_time": "12",
        "beds": 1,
        "bedrooms": 0,
        "bathrooms": 0,
        "is_active": 1,
        "comment": null,
        "clean_hr": 1.5,
        "clean_tm": null,
        "clean_beds_k": 0,
        "clean_beds_q": 1,
        "clean_beds_d": 0,
        "clean_beds_s": 0,
        "clean_specials": null,
        "is_inbox_enabled": 1,
        "are_auto_reviews_enabled": 1,
        "ical_token": null,
        "listings": [
    "meta": []

If the requested property has been merged into another, an error message is returned which contains the valid propertyUid

Sample request:

Sample error response:

    "error": {
        "message": "Property GSOXS92H472AFNZC has been merged into qc11106314. Please re-sync the list of user's properties",
        "code": 13,
        "newPropertyUid": "qc11106314"

To get correct property details, use newPropertyUid: