Cleaning and Team Management

Manage your team up to 90% more efficiently and maintain the best customer service for your vacation rental guests.
Cleaning Management
Make your cleaning management more efficient

Did you know that 44% of hosts find cleaning to be a significant headache? iGMS makes it less stressful and completely organized.

With iGMS, vacation rental managers are able to run all work orders and set cleaning tasks for specific cleaning crew members. The cleaners’ work orders view is limited to their own tasks. It makes it so easy to track their scope of work, plan ahead and schedule the cleanings much more efficiently. Once the head of the cleaners assigns the task, the cleaning crew member will receive a notification by text message, email or both. Using the same process, a cleaner then reports with one click when the task has been completed. The process is smooth and requires minimum time.

Operational tasks
With iGMS vacation rental software’s To-Do Notes, you can easily manage operational tasks.

Pin your to-do notes and be on top of your guests’ needs. Collaborate with your crew by adding tasks to the active reservation and turn your guest’s inquiry into a five-star review.

What if a guest changes a booking at the last minute? Or, what if the keys cannot be left at the same store? Make sure your crew is notified about any single change to each reservation with iGMS.

Our task management system for vacation rental businesses enables you to pin your ‘to-do’ notes at the top of your list with guest requirements on any active reservation. You will be able to add tasks to each live booking and collaborate with team members to maximize your service offering. By doing this, team members will be able to view and act on guest inquiries and requests, boosting your profile and creating five-star guest reviews to increase the revenue of your short-term rental management business.

Team Coordination
Invite your cleaners and support staff to access iGMS vacation rental software and work together efficiently.

Send invitations to your cleaners and support staff to access iGMS vacation rental software. This way they can see their own daily schedule enabling them to coordinate the different work orders.

You are able to give access to the support staff working with you to ensure the smooth running of your short-term rental management business. This access allows staff to see their duties for each booking, coordinate their activities and complete all tasks within a time frame. You will have ultimate control over access as our system is permission-based, which means that you can set limits on an individual’s access rights. This will give you greater flexibility in assigning work orders for your support team.

Work Orders
Create specialized tasks for your cleaners and service team for effective vacation rental management.

Tasks called “Work Orders” can be assigned to different members of your team, allowing them to complete cleaning or handyman tasks.
Is it difficult to stay on top of tasks to be completed before, during and after each guest’s stay? iGMS specialized task creation tool will take care of that for you!

Each staff member will be assigned work orders. Once these work orders have been completed, you will receive confirmation – giving you a reporting system that ensures everything gets done on time at every short-term rental.

Keeping your Airbnb, Vrbo and HomeAway properties clean and maintained is key to be successful and popular among guests. Both of these aspects are often commented on in guest reviews on vacation rental websites. So, it pays to be one step ahead and have your team of staff well informed as to the tasks they need to complete.

Schedule & Tasks
See all your “Work Orders” via a task list with the help of iGMS vacation rental software.

All the vacation rental properties that have work orders can be viewed by your team with regular/additional instructions and comments.

You can view all your ‘work orders’ via a task list for effective short-term rental management. This view can be arranged so that your team will see all the properties with existing ‘work orders’ attached, along with their status. The tasks will feature any regular or additional task notes so that everyone involved can be aware of the progress and any extra duties required.

Access control
Control the access to your vacation rental management functions.

Do you need to provide your colleagues and staff members with a different level of access to your vacation rental management software?

You have total control of it! Select the actions each user is able to perform in the system and his/her role depending on their job functions. You can easily set up a view-only or editing mode for the calendar, prices, templates, and tasks. Additionally, you can restrict access to specific short-term rentals. Provide each team member with permission in line with their type of work and make your vacation rental management as efficient and safe as possible. In iGMS, vacation rental management companies can assign an owner to each property in the system. Going further, it is possible now to provide owner access for each property that allows owners to view their business performance specifically. The reporting becomes as transparent as possible.

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