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Vacation rental management is complicated. Make it easier with iGMS. Manage all your day-to-day activities, routine tasks, and calendars via a single dashboard.
Native (API) Integration with Airbnb and Vrbo/HomeAway family
Automate all routine operations you normally perform on major vacation rentals websites.

Native integration with top vacation channels like Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, Stayz and others enables real-time and stable synchronization of reservation data and availabilities. No more double bookings.
View your communication flows with your guests in one Inbox, automate messaging for every stage of their journey and send special offers to attract more reservations. You can adjust every smart pricing management setting for each channel and change prices manually to keep 100% occupancy rate.
And what’s more, we offer the same advanced functionality on the mobile version of our vacation rental software — enabling you to host your vacation rental business whilst on the move!

Multi-Platform Synchronization
Manage reservations from 3rd Party platforms. Sync all calendar data from, TripAdvisor, or any short-term vacation rental platform via iCal.

As a vacation rental manager, you might want to see your property listed across multiple vacation rental channels, and doesn’t it come challenging when you need to track all those reservations?
iGMS vacation rental software lets you sync all your calendars via iCal to one interface and manage your vacation rental management business in one place.
So, if you want to sync calendar data from, TripAdvisor, or other platforms of choice — you’re all set with this streamlined synchronization function. That helps you to minimize the risks of double booking.

Management of Multiple Accounts
Manage as many accounts as you want in one single application. Add co-hosting properties to your iGMS account.

As a short-term rental manager, you might know how frustrating and time-consuming switching between multiple accounts can be. Particularly when you are managing placed for other vacation rental investors. With iGMS vacation rental software, you can manage all accounts from a single interface. So whether you have multiple accounts of your own, or you’re managing numerous places for vacation rental property investors, life suddenly got a lot easier!

Multi-Calendar Dashboard
Keep your hand on the pulse of daily check-ins/checkouts and plan your cleaning team accordingly. Re-engage your conversation a day before guest’s arrival or simply touch them on the night after.

Would it be helpful to see everything that’s happening with your vacation rental business, at one glance? Our multi-calendar dashboard is especially popular giving you the opportunity to look after hosting daily activities.
Select reservation from the multi-calendar and send out courtesy messages to Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway guests who are about to arrive or those who have left the property. This helps to build customer relations and increase your host rating.
You can clearly see daily check-ins/checkouts so that you know when to send in your cleaning team and any other important tasks linked to each guest visit.

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Native Smart Messaging
Make your communication with guests flawless and automate your vacation rental management with powerful smart messaging.
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