Automation Tools

Automation equals more efficiency and time for growing your business. Increase your productivity by up to 90% and automate major actions with iGMS management software.
Multi-Platform Synchronization
Sync all calendar data from, TripAdvisor and Agoda in iGMS.

Manage bookings and reservations from third-party platforms. Sync all calendar data from, TripAdvisor or any short-term rental booking platform via iCal.

As a vacation rental manager, you might want to see your property listed across multiple booking channels, and doesn’t it become challenging when you need to track all of those reservations? iGMS vacation rental software lets you sync all your calendars via iCal to one interface and manage your vacation rental management business in one place. So, if you want to sync calendar data from various platforms, you’re all set with this streamlined synchronization function.

Pricing Management Tools
Automate the pricing for all your vacation rental properties with iGMS smart toolkit.

As a professional vacation rental manager, you are struggling to succeed with your pricing strategy and take over the competition, right? We are here to help. iGMS smart features are designed to increase your occupancy rate by up to 100%. Nail your short-term rental pricing with our exclusive tools. Automate discount rules, minimum and maximum stay settings for your guests and enable our price fluctuation feature to appear at the top of a vacation rental website.

What’s more, you are able to change the prices right via the multi-calendar. You can easily select open dates and change the price to increase your occupancy rate.

Automated Smart Messages
Automate guest messaging to schedule your responses.

Did you know that on average a vacation rental manager sends 2500 messages per month? The good news is that iGMS automates an incredible 70% of them. That means users can save around 60 hours of work that would normally be used to answer messages related to check-in/checkout, property instructions, etc.

iGMS allows users to create automated messages that will be triggered on preset dates and times. These triggers can be adjusted to send a specific message to a guest at check-in, during the stay, or on checking out. With so much on your plate, automated messaging makes your communication with your short-term rental guests flawless.

Pop-up Notifications
Never miss a message from a guest and keep your team informed!

Missing a message from your guest can lead to a canceled reservation. With iGMS , each of your team members responsible for guest communication gets notified about incoming messages. This means that your guests will receive quick responses! You will be in a good position to secure the booking if you are able to answer guest queries quickly and this will, in turn, improve your SEO rating.

Notifications help your service team to run all cleaning operations quickly and smoothly. Once the head of the cleaners assigns the task, the cleaning crew member will receive a notification by text message, email or both. When the task has been completed, the cleaner reports in one click to the cleaning manager.

Guest Reviews Management
Automate your guest reviews and get up to 90% more reviews in return!

Did you know that only 20% of short-term rental guests write reviews? With our guest reviewing feature, you will be able to build templates for guest reviews using predefined elements.

Publish your review right via the system – no need to log in to a vacation rental website. You will get notified about how many days you have left to publish a review and when a guest has written one for you.

As a professional host, you know how important this is. The more reviews you write, the more reviews you’ll get in return. As a result, you’ll be granted a higher ranking on vacation rental websites and receive up to 50% more reservations. It’s as simple as that.

Key Management Automation
Track your keys’ status via the iGMS dashboard and automate key management.

Manage access to your vacation rental properties remotely and track your keys on the dashboard of iGMS vacation rental software. iGMS allows integration with Keycafe, a popular key management platform to automate your key exchange.

As soon as a guest checks out, both the host and cleaner will be notified via a text message and email. Thus, you can escape those awkward situations where the cleaners arrive to find that the guests have not departed yet. Apart from the notifications, hosts can track their keys’ status on the iGMS dashboard too.

Parent and Child Vacation Property Management
Avoid double-booking: see if only a room within the house has been booked, or the entire house has been rented out.

Say, for example, you are the host of a three-bedroom house and you rent it out, both as an entire house, and as separate rooms. Before, it was a challenge to know whether a house was fully booked out or just a room which caused many problems such as issues with double-bookings – a disaster for a host and guests. But not anymore!

Financial Reporting
Create professional reports for tracking your vacation rental management in minutes.

As a professional host, once in a while, you need to have a quick overview of how things are going. Also, property managers may need to send reports to owners. This can be quite a challenge without a touch of automation.

With our smart reports, you can easily create a simple and compelling short-term rental management report in no time. All the essential data is available for you via a Reports menu. You will be able to access four types of reports: Transaction History, List of Reservations, Summary, and Work Orders.

These four different reports will simplify your income tracking significantly and help you to get a quick overview of the results of your vacation rental business.

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