Native Smart Messaging

Make your guest communication flawless and automate your vacation rental management with powerful smart messaging.

Unified Inbox

With iGMS vacation rental software’s Unified Inbox feature, all your guests' dialogs from Airbnb,Vrbo, HomeAway, and direct bookings are set and organized into a single feed.

Quickly find and reply to unread messages regardless of which guest account they came from. You will be able to navigate efficiently between reservations, threads, and new booking requests and find with a simple search any message that you want to respond to. 

Is your team growing? Invite the team members who are responsible for guest communication to help you with inquiries. Use ‘to-do’ notes at the top of your list to handle guest requirements on any active reservation.


Organize Your Standard Messages

Prepare your check-in instructions by converting your most used responses into templates.

In just a few clicks, you can set up templates that will help you to automate up to 70% of your daily communication. Your short-term rental guests expect prompt replies to questions and queries, and the speed of your responses will directly impact your listings’ rankings. With this feature, you can prepare your check-in/checkout instructions and other important standard messages that you plan to send regularly to guests, and convert them to template form. Have your messaging templates all set and ready to go with iGMS message template editor – you can sort the templates by the date of creation or in alphabetical order, and look for the template you need via the search bar.


Automated Triggered Messaging

Automate and visualize your messaging timeline to schedule your tailored responses

Would you like to keep guests informed at every stage of the reservation process? With our vacation rental software, you can create automated guest messages that will be triggered on preset dates/times. These triggers can be adjusted to send a specific message to a guest at check-in, during the stay, or on checking out. The automation timeline helps you visualize all “scheduled for sending” templates from your Unified Inbox and remind you of the triggers that you’ve set for the property. Keep your guests happy and informed at every stage, attach images to your automated replies and take your vacation rental management business to new heights.


Predefined Message Variables

Apply the predefined message variables offered by iGMS to tailor your messaging style neatly for each vacation rental property you manage.

Personalization is key to be successful in hospitality. With smart predefined message variables, you can tailor your guest communication for each vacation property that you manage. Compile check-in instructions for each vacation rental, incorporate specific information relating to a property, such as an address or a specific checkout time, within your message template.

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