iGMS wins 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience awards from FinancesOnline

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iGMS is making its way toward becoming the best solution for Airbnb property management. Check out our review and awards from FinancesOnline!

We are proud to share an exciting news with you. We got rated and awarded by FinancesOnline, one of the most respected platforms for online reviews of B2B and SaaS products. This is another proof that our customers have made the right choice for their Airbnb property management :).

We’ve been working hard on our product and clients satisfaction to meet the expectations of every Airbnb host who is using iGMS software and is working in Airbnb property management.

Our efforts are awarded now with not even 1, but 2 awards from a top-rated platform, FinancesOnline.

Airbnb property management awarded

Rising Star Award recognizes relatively new software in the market that has established a name over a short period of time for its usefulness to users.

Airbnb property management awarded

The Great User Experience Award for top hotel software is granted by FinancesOnline to business solutions that exhibit an intuitive UI and is easy to navigate. Our solution’s carefully designed interface assures new users with limited technical skills of a smooth onboarding experience.

The user experience of every Airbnb host is one of our top priorities, which is why this prize brings so much pride to us. Airbnb property management is not an easy task and we strive for providing the best user experience to make the things go smoother.

FinancesOnline has published a detailed portrait of iGMS and reviewed its key features.

One of the most important is native integration with Airbnb:

iGMS continuously synchronizes with Airbnb in order to lead to further automation of redundant tasks. Not only do users save valuable time, they are also less likely to make mistakes with reservations and other tasks.

FinancesOnline also mentioned the usefulness of messaging templates:

Responding to guests’ queries is made effortless with iGMS. The application has pre-made templates with fields that users can customize to reflect their branding and personality. This way, they do not have to type over again responses to common questions.

In their review, the evaluation team also highlighted the importance of iGMS multi-calendar for Airbnb property management:

iGMS’ capability to synchronize multiple Airbnb accounts also enables it to confer to users the ability to view the calendars of all their listings. This allows them to manage their properties with ease, giving them a bird’s eye view of all their reservations and bookings. Also, this feature lets property managers allocate their workload and resources appropriately.

Certified for Airbnb property management

Our overall score that we got from the editorial team is 8.0 and this brings us to the list of the top-rated solutions for Airbnb property management.

Our user satisfaction rate is 100% according to FinacesOnline and this is the key metric of success for us.

Learn more about the most popular features of FinancesOnline experts appreciated.

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