NameTypeRequirenessDefault valueDescription
listing_uidsstringoptionalnoneList of comma separated listing UIDs
listing_statusstringoptionalnoneOne of available listing statuses (see the corresponding filters section)
property_statusstringoptionalnoneOne of available property statuses (see the corresponding filters section)
platform_typestringoptionalnoneList of comma separated platform types (see the corresponding filters section). This filter returns listings related to one of mentioned platform types
pageintoptional1Page number for pagination


List of listings managed by the company

This endpoint requires one of the following scopes: messaging, listings, pricing-management

Response sample

    "data": [
            "listing_uid": "1_airbnb_123",
            "listing_name": "Best flat in the world (no Wi-Fi)",
            "listing_status": <Dictionary: listing_status>,
            "listing_thumbnail_url": "",
            "listing_url": "",
            "timezone_offset_minutes": -420|null,
            "platform_type": "airbnb",
            "property_uid": "1482329366187",
            "property_name": "1BR flat with Wi-Fi",
            "property_address": "Go forward, then turn right",
            "property_status": <Dictionary: property_status>,
            "host_uid": "123_airbnb",
            "host_name": "John Doe",
            "lat": "49.305770",
            "lng": "-123.010530",
            "is_cohosted": false
    "meta": {
        "page": 1,
        "has_next_page": true