Name Type Requireness Default value Description
property_uid string required none UID of property.
checkin_date string required none YYYY-MM-DD Check-in date.
checkout_date string required none YYYY-MM-DD Checkout date.
guest_name string required none Guest name.
guest_email string required none Guest email
guests_count int required none Number of guests
price_total int required none Total payout.
currency string required none Currency code (3 symbols).
description string optional none Additional information.
reservation_code string optional none Reservation code to update existing booking
create_invoice int optional 1 Is invoice creation needed (1) or not (0)
guests array optional none Additional guests information. Array of BookingGuest objects.


Key Type Requireness Default value Description
guest_name string optional none Name
guest_age int optional none Age
guest_phone string optional none Phone
guest_email string optional none Email
guest_address string optional none Address


Create a new or update (by reservation_code) an existing booking (airgms platform only).

Returns reservation code and platform type (see the corresponding filters section) of the booking.

This endpoint requires the following scope: direct-bookings

Response sample

    "data": {
        "reservation_code": "AIRGMS5BHJ1F75W2",
        "platform_type": "airgms"