NameTypeRequirenessDefault valueDescription
task_uidsstringoptionalnoneList of comma separated task UIDs
property_uidsstringoptionalnoneList of comma separated property UIDs
from_datestringoptionalnoneHide tasks which was started before this date
to_datestringoptionalnoneHide tasks which will be started after this date
pageintoptional1Page number for pagination


List of active tasks

This endpoint requires the following scope: tasks

Response sample

    "data": [
            "task_uid": "485929487298347",
            "team_member_uid": "123234242342342343"|null,
            "property_uid": "123123123",
            "task_type": <Dictionary: task_type>,
            "task_status": <Dictionary: task_status>,
            "description": "Getting rid of dust on the Wi-Fi router"|null,
            "local_start_dttm": "2019-01-12 06:00:00",
            "local_end_dttm": "2019-01-12 08:00:00"
    "meta": {
        "page": 1,
        "has_next_page": true