NameTypeRequirenessDefault valueDescription
start_datestringrequirednoneYYYY-MM-DD Start of the updated period.
end_datestringrequirednoneYYYY-MM-DD End of the updated period.
pricefloatrequirednoneNightly price for the period.
currencystringrequirednoneCurrency code (3 symbols).
min_stayintoptionalnoneMinimum stay length for the period
property_uidstringrequirednoneUID of property.
is_user_actionbooloptionalfalseIs request was caused by user action


Set property's calendar data for certain period. Data will be applied only if user's property setting allows it, otherwise data will be saved for further user's review.

This endpoint requires the following scope: pricing-management

Response sample

    "status": 0

If the requested property has been merged into another, an error message is returned which contains the valid propertyUid

Sample error response:

    "error": {
        "message": "Property GSOXS92H472AFNZC has been merged into qc11106314. Please re-sync the list of user's properties",
        "code": 13,
        "newPropertyUid": "qc11106314"

To propose prices, re-sync user properties and use new Property Uid.