Name Type Requireness Default value Description
property_uid string required none UID of property.
start_date string required none YYYY-MM-DD Start of the updated period.
end_date string required none YYYY-MM-DD End of the updated period.
price float optional none Nightly price for the period.
is_available int optional none Is listing available (1) or not (0) for the period.
notes string optional none Listing notes for the period.
currency string optional none Currency code (3 symbols). Required if price is provided
min_stay int optional none Minimum stay length for the period


Changes the property's calendar data for the period

Returns UIDs of a requests which can be used as a parameter for the get-request-status method

This endpoint requires the following scope: calendar-control

Request sample

    "start_date": "2021-02-15",
    "end_date": "2021-02-28",
    "price": 50,
    "is_available": 0,
    "notes": "Blocked",
    "currency": "CAD",
    "min_stay": 3

Response sample

    "data": {
        "request_uid": "74302303"