NameTypeRequirenessDefault valueDescription
property_uidstringrequirednoneUID of property.
start_datestringrequirednoneYYYY-MM-DD Start of the updated period.
end_datestringrequirednoneYYYY-MM-DD End of the updated period.
pricefloatoptionalnoneNightly price for the period.
is_availableintoptionalnoneIs listing available (1) or not (0) for the period.
notesstringoptionalnoneListing notes for the period.
currencystringoptionalnoneCurrency code (3 symbols). Required if price is provided
min_stayintoptionalnoneMinimum stay length for the period


Changes the property's calendar data for the period

Returns UIDs of a requests which can be used as a parameter for the get-request-status method

This endpoint requires the following scope: calendar-control

Request sample

    "start_date": "2021-02-15",
    "end_date": "2021-02-28",
    "price": 50,
    "is_available": 0,
    "notes": "Blocked",
    "currency": "CAD",
    "min_stay": 3

Response sample

    "data": {
        "request_uid": "74302303"