Your Monthly iGMS Roundup [February 2020]

As promised, here’s our monthly roundup to highlight the iGMS system key updates. It’s only February and we’ve already got lots of exciting news to share!

Here at iGMS, we constantly review and revise every aspect of our vacation rental management software. We want to make life easier for busy hosts and provide the best solution to meet their business needs. 

During February, our product team has carried out 30+ fixes, improvements, and updates for various iGMS features. Here is a summary of what we’ve been up:

⭐️ What’s new:

  1. Streamlined Integration. We continued to improve Airbnb and HomeAway/Vrbo platform synchronization and connection to provide you with the best experience possible.  We have updated the calendars, so they now process revisions promptly – no new threads are missed and hosting activities stay organized.
  2. Polished Reporting📈. We have customized the Tasks report to filter out per date or specific time period. This allows hosts to track cleaning performance within a set time period.
    iGMS Tasks calendar
  3. Connecting Globally. The list of countries for phone number validation has been updated to include new network operators. We’ve also added phone codes for countries that have recently obtained one. You can now sign up and set up notifications for iGMS events worldwide.
  4. Detailed Billing. PRO subscribers’ monthly invoices have been refined. Our clients can now access a detailed breakdown for the billing month. 
  5. New iCal Added. The 365 Villas iCals support has been enabled for managing reservations, cleanings, and tasks.


  1. Location Auto-adjustment📌. The Map and Country fields are filled in automatically when adding a new listing’s address in the listing’s editor. This means the listing’s time zone will be set correctly and automated templates will go out on time.iGMS listing address
  2. In the CSV file, the Reservations report now displays a reservation code for HomeAway/Vrbo booking. In the Payouts report, the Reservation and Payout rows have been reordered for your convenience.
  3. Integration Update. The Stayz platform officially joined the Vrbo family, so we have adjusted the process of direct integration with Stayz’s accounts on the iGMS side accordingly.
  4. Prompt Multi-calendar📅 . We have completed backend work to speed up the iGMS Multi-calendar.
  5. Manual reservations. We have provided all manual reservations with a reservation code.

🐞… and many more quality improvements!

Thanks to the efforts of our skillful development team, the last four weeks has proved extremely fruitful – with speedy fixes and feature upgrades galore. The team has:

  • Fixed an error preventing the use of the Ctrl+F combination for the Accounts & Listings tab. Now you can find your listings faster using this handy keyboard shortcut🔎.
  • Resolved a bug causing Airbnb guest avatars to be shown as distorted.
  • Reworked calendar pricing updates. Hosts can now quickly confirm by simply hitting the enter key.
  • Improved the consistency of the time zone display across the app. If the timezone is not detected, the country/city name will be displayed.
  • Modified the display of discounts on Airbnb properties: now up to date and shown correctly on iGMS.
  • Solved a problem affecting the preview of threads in the Inbox. Now the Inbox shows system messages correctly.
  • Addressed an issue relating to upon-inquiry templates going out twice if the Airbnb inquiries were duplicated. Now we send only one upon-inquiry message to a guest.
  • Resolved a bug that occasionally affected automated templates for 1-night reservations. Now this runs smoothly, despite the length of the stay.

Can we let you in on a secret?😉 Whilst you’ve been busy reading our February overview, we’ve been busy working on a set of fresh-out-the-oven updates! We’re sorely tempted to share them with you right now…but let’s hold fire until the March iGMS Roundup.

In the meantime, you could join the iGMS community. If you are not already with us yet why not find out what we have to offer? Try out all of our iGMS automated tools for FREE with our 14-day trial period.


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