NEW FEATURE: Airbnb Management Access Level Control

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Bring your Airbnb Management to a new level with smart Access Level Control in iGMS software.

Here is another NEW feature we’d like to present this month for your Airbnb management. We don’t mean to boast but you probably won’t find this option in our competitors’ products. So, in a way, this is a unique feature you can benefit from using iGMS platform.

New Feature: Access Level Control

Airbnb management access
There are often several people involved in Airbnb management. You can’t be one-man band most of the times. Some hosts work with cleaning companies or individual cleaners. Property and vacation rental management companies have even more stakeholders such as property owners, accountants, guest support etc.

In this case, it is crucial to provide your team and staff members with a different level of access to your Airbnb management software.

So, how our new feature will help you?

With iGMS new feature you are empowered to choose the actions each user is able to perform in the system and the role depending on the job functions. You can easily set up view only or editing mode for the calendar, prices, templates, and tasks. What’s more, you can restrict the access to specific properties. Provide each team member with permissions in line with their duties and make your Airbnb management as efficient and safe as possible.

How to find and use it?

Airbnb Management Access Control
  1. Once you are logged into the system go to the Team section.
  2. Click on “Add new team member”.
  3. Fill in the fields, select the appropriate roles and permissions.
  4. Click “Yes, invite new members”!

We truly hope this improvement will bring your Airbnb management to a whole new level. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this or other features, so feel free to contact us. Do let us know if you are looking to some more improvements. Our job is to make you happy with our professional vacation rental software.

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