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Ivan Levchenko, CEO and co-founder of iGMS vacation rental software, said:

“For Airbnb hosts, it is highly difficult to manage several properties if they don’t use automation software. Our software efficiently automates communications with guests, cleaning services coordination, and Airbnb reviews management. It’s time for Airbnb managers to second-guess the manual approach and let automation go to work for them.”

“Having almost 4,000 Airbnb listings on our platform and communicating with professional hosts on a daily basis, we are familiar with more than one scenario where people have gotten into trouble with their stay. It happens all too often when guests don't follow the instructions properly. Read the safety guidelines, take the required precautions, screen the property and host and your Airbnb stay will be a great experience.” - Ivan Levchenko, CEO of iGMS

iGMS is a Vancouver startup that is making life a lot easier for a new generation of Airbnb hosts. By differentiating itself from the crowd with a number of exclusive features – such as native autoresponders – iGMS is proving to be a game changer for vacation property managers, whether they have hundreds of properties or just a handful.

iGMS powerful messaging tools allow handling your communication from a single platform. Combined with our calendar dashboard you get a full 360 view of your entire business and schedule. You can manage bookings, prices, reviews, keys, financial reports and even schedule cleaning tasks for your team.

Having a platform to manage multiple accounts allows property managers to better organize their communications. iGMS provides them with a software where they can view messages from all their accounts and respond to them accordingly.

On top of that, iGMS offers pre-made, configurable message templates for automated replies. Doing so increases a property’s chances of gaining more reservations by 50%.

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