Best Property Management Solutions to Simplify Your Life As a Host

When your Airbnb is growing, it's essential to concentrate attention on key points of business instead of solving daily routine. Using property management solutions is the best way to speed operational tasks fulfillment. Check 10 property management solutions that will save your time and make life easier!
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Growing your business as an Airbnb host can be a lucrative activity if done right. However, it’s hard to build a business if you aren’t making the best use of your time. That’s why the top Airbnb hosts all rely on property management tools in order to manage their businesses. Using property management solutions will make it easier for you to focus on the big picture: getting great reviews and increasing your bottom line.

To help you get started, here are 10 property management solutions every Airbnb host should use in their daily work to simplify their business.

  1. AirDNA

    If you’re looking to add more properties to your vacation rental portfolio, you need to check out AirDNA. it provides housing market data that hosts can use to make decisions about where to buy. AirDNA analyzes data from over 10 million vacation rentals in 80,000 cities worldwide.

    It will allow you to compare the performance of your existing vacation rentals to others in your area. In addition, AirDNA will help you to identify future short-term rental trends so that you can achieve maximum profitability from any new properties that you acquire.

  2. Mashvisor

    Another tool that every Airbnb Host needs is an Airbnb host calculator, such as Mashvisor. This tool is designed to help you find potential properties to invest in that will make money on Airbnb. Once you’ve identified properties that you’d like to purchase, just look up the address or neighborhood on Mashvisor. Mashvisor pulls data from reliable traditional comps sources such as MLS, Redfin, HotPads, and more. With this tool you can estimate your potential profits and identify rental estate market trends.

  3. Beyond Pricing

    Beyond Pricing is an automatic pricing tool for vacation rental owners. It works with Airbnb and other vacation rental sites to ensure that your properties are always priced competitively. This tool ensures that your listing prices are always data-driven by using real-time market data. This tool has been proven to increase revenue for Airbnb hosts by 40%. It is an absolute necessity if you want to ensure maximum occupancy for your listings.

  4. NoiseAware

    If your property is subject to strict housing association rules or you want to make sure that guests aren’t using your property as a party house, you need NoiseAware. It is a noise monitoring property management solution that will protect both the inside and outside of your property. NoiseAware will alert you to parties, unruly guests, and property damage. It also provides you with the evidence you need to defend yourself against false complaints, fines, and issues with the neighbors.

    NoiseAware relies on a system of sensors that you set up around your property. Your property is then monitored 24/7 for noise issues by NoiseAware. Just check-in on any of your properties where you have installed NoiseAware via their mobile app any time you’d like for a proactive and simple to use property management solution.

  5. Evernote

    It helps to keep notes about your guests so that you learn as much as possible about them. This will allow you to personalize your customer service and improve your customer experiences. Use Evernote to keep track of your guests and keep all of the information about them organized. From notes about your guests’ preferences to to-do lists, you can keep this information handy and synced across all of your devices with Evernote. Evernote even offers offline notes and reminders so that your saved content is available to you anywhere you go.

  6. FlightAware

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    FlightAware offers free flight tracking and flight status. This
    property management solution is useful because it allows you to keep track of when your guests are expected to arrive for check-in. It’s also helpful if you plan to offer transportation services to and from the airport for your guests. Use FlightAware to ensure that your property is always ready for guests ahead of time. That way they’ll never be left waiting for a cleaning service to finish up before they can check in.

  7. Touch Stay

    Touch Stay allows you to create beautiful welcome guestbooks for your Airbnb guests. A guestbook is an essential feature that you should make sure to have at all of your Airbnb properties. With Touch Stay, all of the content for the guidebook is stored online. This property management solution then allows you to share your guest welcome book by sending guests a link.

    With Touch Stay, you’ll be able to share all of your insider tips to help guests live like the locals. You can also provide important safety information, house rules, and transportation tips, and more in your guest book. A virtual guestbook ensures that guests always have access to it and it is much easier to access and update and maintain than physical guest books.

  8.  Rankbreeze

    Rankbreeze is a tool that helps Airbnb hosts to optimize their Airbnb rankings. This is an essential property management solution for hosts because your Airbnb rank determines whether or not guests find your listing when searching for accommodations.

    With Rankbreeze, you’ll be able to track your position in the Airbnb search results so that you can gauge whether or not your optimization efforts are improving the placements of your listings. It has a multiple-rank tracker which will allow you to compare how your listing is performing against others in your city.

  9. Properly

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    Properly allows Airbnb hosts to create checklists to so that their cleaners have guidelines on how to successfully perform an Airbnb turnover. This property management solution ensures that there are standards in place for your properties so that they are properly maintained and prepared for guests.

    In addition, it will allow you to personalize Airbnb turnovers to meet the needs of specific guests. With Properly, you can instruct your team to add extra towels, amenities for guests traveling with babies or small children, and more.

  10.  iGMS

    iGMS is a comprehensive automated messaging and Airbnb host tool. With iGMS you’ll be able to automate guest reviews and messaging across multiple Airbnb accounts, and properties, manage your team, create and check work orders, and much more. iGMS will allow you to simplify your communications making it easier for you to manage multiple properties. It is also one of the top short-term rental solutions and property management tools for Airbnb property management companies.

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