Automation For Airbnb Hosts: 6 Ways To Maximize Efficiency

Airbnb automation can increase your occupancy rate by up to 80%. Use these handy Airbnb tips to manage your Airbnb business more effectively.

Airbnb business automation isn’t just for large companies. In fact, as an Airbnb host, there are a number of ways that you can automate your vacation rental business.

Airbnb Automation simply refers to the action of taking tasks that you would normally do manually, such as answering emails, adjusting property pricing, and more and implementing automatic and repetitive sequences so that you no longer need to do these tasks yourself.

Here are 6 ways on how hosts can use Airbnb automation to maximize efficiency.

1. Automated Airbnb Check-in (key exchange)

Airbnb automation at check-in

Automating your check-in process will make things easier for your guests and dramatically reduce the amount of time that you spend on key exchange.

If you’re looking for a no-frills option, consider using a lock box which you can buy from any hardware store. Just provide your guests with the combination, tell them where to find the lockbox, how to return the keys upon check-out, and you’re all set.

Electronic locks are a second option that eliminates the hassle of dealing with keys. You can also set entry codes so that you can generate a unique code for each guest.

The newest option for entry to your property is the smart lock. These locks take electronic locks to the next level, offering better security by only allowing access to the property when it receives a wireless signal from a smartphone that has been verified.

Unlike keys and electronic locks, smart locks allow you manage exactly who can gain entry to your property. However, there are some disadvantages given that a smart lock requires that guests have smartphones and sufficient battery power. They also only work on a single point of access so if there is a locked gate in front of your home, you’ll also need to install a smart lock there as well.

Another great option for key exchange is using a service like Keycafe. You can let somebody into your home remotely from work or the beach since key storage locations are nearby cafes. Your guests may pick up keys anytime during opening hours.

Regardless of the option that you choose, an automated key exchange process ensures that guests can get access to your vacation rental no matter what time of day they arrive.

2. Home Temperature Automation Units

As a host, you’ll need to ensure that your vacation rental property is always maintained at a comfortable temperature for your guests. Home temperature automation units, like Nest, automate cooling and heating for your property.

When you install a home temperature automation unit, can ensure that the ambient temperature at your property is always reasonable because you can easily check it periodically from your smartphone. In addition, you never have to worry about guests injuring themselves or damaging your property while trying to adjust the temperature themselves.

3. Airbnb Email Autoresponder

Most email service providers offer auto-response features. You can set up automated messages to provide quick responses to your guests for more efficient Airbnb management. In fact, it is best to have a separate email address.

Fast responses improve your customer service. In addition, your autoresponder can also include all of the important information that you normally send to guests who have just placed a booking for your property. Include information, such as key exchange instructions, directions to your property, Wi-Fi passwords, check-in and check-out policies, and more.

For example: “Hello! Thanks for deciding to stay at My Awesome Airbnb home. I am currently unavailable to reply to your request but I will get back to you within 24 hours. In the meantime, please review some of the most frequently asked questions I get about My Awesome Airbnb home…”

A simple personalized message does wonder to show guests that you are a professional host.

4. Sensors

In addition to temperature control units, consider installing sensors to help automate routine activities at your property. For example, a motion sensor can turn lights off when not in use helping you to save on the electric bill. Other sensors, such as a water leak or carbon monoxide sensor can detect when there is a problem in your home that could potentially jeopardize your guests’ safety or alert you about emergency repairs that need to be made.

Sensors can also be integrated with automation software, such as SmartThings and IFTTT to allow you to create rules on how you want home automation devices to respond when a sensor detects an event. For example, you can set up a rule that stops the HVAC from running while the front door is open to save energy.

5. Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi is a router which can help your smart home devices to stay connected. It also offers a number of other benefits, including allowing you to remotely manage your property’s internet connection and control which devices are allowed online.

You can also create restrictions on the devices that are available to guests. This ensures that you have complete control over your property and your smart home devices when you’re not physically there.

6. Vacation Rental Software (iGMS)

iGMS offers a host of features to automate your Airbnb business, including guests communication management from a single software. You can set up templates, auto-notifications, auto messaging and integrations that will save you time on your day-to-day routine guest management tasks. Apart from it you can manage your team and tasks while having the whole picture on a powerful multi-calendar.

While Airbnb automation can’t eliminate all of the work that is involved in running a vacation rental business, it can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend on repetitive tasks. Use these tips to eliminate the tasks that you do over and over again and you’ll have more time to focus on more important aspects of managing your business.

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