New Features: Brand New Booking Card with Booking Alteration

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We are excited to introduce a new Booking Card with the unique Booking Alteration feature that lets you edit the booking details in one place. Check out how hosts can be more client-oriented and increase the efficiency of their Airbnb property management using our new amazing features!

It gives us such great joy to read about Airbnb hosts who have successfully grown their business. We want to be part of that exciting journey and therefore here at iGMS, our team is continuously upgrading our software. Not so long ago we’ve announced the Single Property Calendar and “Switch to” Smart Navigation features.

We are excited to introduce the brand new Booking Card with the unique Booking Alteration feature, that you won’t find anywhere else! Though, we could not have done it without our clients. We strive not only to listen to our Airbnb hosts’ needs but actually to respond too. The best way to respond, we believe, is by brainstorming ways to solve the hosts’ needs so that we can add new and useful features to our vacation rental software.

This time we focused on one common need of all Airbnb hosts and that is to view all the details easily and edit the bookings as per guests’ requests or personal needs. You asked and we have delivered!

Let’s take a look at how hosts can both simplify and increase the efficiency of their Airbnb property management with the Booking Card!

Booking Card Review

With a new booking card, hosts and their teams can now view structured information about the booking in one place. The booking card contains the data about the reservation, namely the property, dates, guests, and the cost of the reservation. Moreover, the booking card has the booking alteration feature that will be explained in more detail further in this article. All the events connected with a booking, such as a check-in and a checkout, are chronologically displayed on the booking card. Cleanings and tasks can also be reached right via the booking screen. This way you can easily assign a cleaner to check out for instance.

Booking Card Review

You can set up how the check-in will take place. A specific person (concierge) can be assigned to a task or you can also select self-check-in as an option. Hosts can also add instructions and assign the tasks to the team member related to a cleaning or checkout. The interface is sleek, easy to use and allows doing everything inside the booking card. Overall, fewer clicks and more efficiency!

Booking Alteration Screen

Booking Alteration Screen

What if the guest wants to stay longer? Or arrive later? Now you’ll be able to be as flexible as possible using an extremely handy tool for editing the booking. Inside the booking card, one of the elements you will find is the Booking Alteration feature. When you click on the “pencil” you will be redirected to a whole new screen where you can edit the booking details. The property, the number of guests as well as the dates and the number of nights can be altered. What’s more, the price can also be changed as per your need. This is a really handy feature as it’s not possible to change the price on Airbnb directly once the booking is confirmed. The calculator below will automatically update your payout, excluding Airbnb service and cleaning fees. Also, it will display the total cost for the guest. With this short financial report on the card, it is quite convenient to check the most important numbers for yourself and the guest.  

Once you edit the dates of the booking, you can be sure that you won’t get double-booked. A smart built-in calendar that is synchronized with all the other bookings will show the available dates for this specific property or offer the possibility to change the property.

When you are done editing the details – just click the “Submit” button. The status of the alteration will change to “Waiting” until the guest accepts the update.

Guest Profile and Reviews

Airbnb Guest Profile and Reviews

There is a separate block in the booking card with the information about the guest. This offers a useful possibility to view the guest profile right from the iGMS platform. The guest profile contains the information with the reservation code, contact details, profile on Airbnb as well as a list of verified info that a user has added to increase the credibility, such as Government ID, work email, social accounts, selfie and more. Apart from that, you can easily navigate to the reviews and recommendations that the guest has received. If you click on the guest’s photo, you will have the guest’s Airbnb verification information displayed.

All of these features allow Airbnb hosts to screen guests instantly right via the software. From the booking card, hosts will also be able to go to messaging with guests or open the itinerary.

How to Access the Booking Card

How to Access the Booking Card

Hosts are able to view the complete booking card via the single calendar or navigate to the booking card via the task manager. If you want to view a card via the single calendar, just click on the specific booking on the calendar. Or, via the task manager, click on the task. Once the task card is open, just click on the guest’s name near “Check-in” or “Checkout” on the right side of the screen.

Previously hosts could alter the booking via the inbox. You may still access the built-in block with the booking alteration and change some basic info from there by clicking on “Alter reservation” above the message thread with a guest.

What Are the Key Benefits of a New Booking Card for Hosts?

Here is a brief summary of what you can do now with the new booking card and how it can help you to manage your Airbnb business more efficiently:

  • Easily navigate between booking details and tasks to assign cleaners and concierges quickly for each booking. Saves you time and organizes team members’ work more efficiently.
  • Screen your guests right via the software with the info from the guest profile card.
  • Edit and update the booking details such as price, number, and type of guests, type of check-in, property and dates. This allows you to react to guests’ requests instantly and make the alterations in a few clicks.
  • Check the price of the reservation for the guest, Airbnb and cleaning fees and the amount you will receive – all on one screen. A smart financial calculator will save you some time with the numbers and display the key figures you want to know about the reservation.
  • View tasks, actions and notes associated with the booking chronologically right in the booking card;
  • Use more connections with fewer clicks to increase your efficiency – view and edit booking details; manage tasks and calculate revenue from a reservation all in one place.

If you are using our system already – hopefully, you will enjoy the updates that we have introduced. If you are still considering whether to try iGMS or not, here is another reason to create your account today! Recently we’ve made it possible to use our cloud-based vacation rental software for free for up to four listings.

Only when you connect your fifth listing will you be charged according to our affordable pro pricing plan. If you’re thinking it has to be too good to be true, rest assured there are no hidden fees whatsoever. Try all the new iGMS features by taking advantage of this great offer right away and let us know your thoughts.




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