Airbnb Cleaning: How to Optimize to Save Money and Time

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Cleanliness is one of the major standards all Airbnb properties have to meet. Are you struggling to decide how to arrange your Airbnb cleaning to keep your guests satisfied? Read this article to find out more about your options.

Being an Airbnb host is undoubtedly something that requires quite a lot of effort. You need to be particularly thorough when it comes to the cleanliness and maintenance of your property. This is something that’s going to make a tremendous impression on your guests. Therefore, this is one of the things you should put at the top of your vacation rental checklist while preparing your property for guests.

There are different Airbnb cleaning approaches that you might consider. So, let’s take a closer look at the options available.

1.  Cleaning Up Yourself

While cost-efficient, this particular approach of Airbnb cleaning could take up a whole lot of your time. This is something that you need to account for. It’s an affordable thing to consider but it’s definitely not one that can match the professional service.

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If you do have some spare time and only one property to manage this can be the option. After all, sometimes it’s true that no one is going to do a better job on your own property than you.

2.  Hiring a Property Management Company

Hiring a property management company for Airbnb cleaning is undoubtedly a good option. Apparently, it’s more expensive in comparison to the previous approach. However, it will save you a considerable amount of time, which is something very beneficial. The more tasks you put on automation, the more you can focus on growing your Airbnb business.

Moreover, by hiring a professional company you can improve much more than just a house cleaning. It can take care of multiple aspects regarding managing your short-term rentals. It can help with ensuring a smooth key exchange as soon as your guests arrive, conducting maintenance checks, managing your supplies, etc. However, the services of such companies can be really costly taking up a chunk of your earnings.

3.  Airbnb Cleaning Service

This is usually one of the most common options that many hosts decide to go with. It can be comparatively affordable depending on the Airbnb cleaning company you choose. You should be very careful when selecting one for your business. Unfortunately, hosts sometimes have to deal with delays in cleanings, and this is something that you definitely want to avoid. So, do your research to find a great vacation rental cleaning company. Ask other hosts on popular forums and go through some customer reviews online.

A decent company that has been in the cleaning business for years will definitely care about its reputation and will try to deliver services on time. In any case, it won’t hurt to create a list of the best cleaning services in your area. This way you won’t have to clean up if something goes off the rails.

4.  Hiring a Subcontractor

Hiring an individual cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most cost-efficient Airbnb cleaning options. Unlike professional cleaning companies, individual subcontractors usually charge less. Ultimately the quality can still be up to par without spending a fortune.

Although this option may seem the most attractive one in terms of cost, it has some disadvantages. A cleaner may become ill or just fail to complete a task due to certain circumstances. However, you don’t want your guests to arrive in a dirty room and then get a devastating review for your listing. So, you’ll need to have a plan B and a list of other cleaners ready to help you in such unexpected situations.

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One more thing to keep in mind is that professional cleaning services run background checks on their employees and provide insurance. By hiring a subcontractor, you can’t be absolutely sure that you’re covered if something goes wrong while they’re working at your home.

Top 5 Platforms to Find a Subcontractor:

Yelp – is a crowdsourced local business review site that lists loads of various services. There you can search for Airbnb cleaning services and subcontractors in your area. By reading real reviews from customers, you’ll be able to hire a company according to your expectations and budget.

Angie’s List – is an American home services website. There you can find various service providers based in your location, compare options and read customer reviews.

HomeAdvisor – is also a useful service for finding professionals to help you with Airbnb cleaning and maintenance. According to the company, professionals registered with the HomeAdvisor network are prescreened and must pass criminal and financial background checks.

Handy – is an online two-sided marketplace for residential cleaning, installation, and other home services. Founded in 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the now New York-based company operates services in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Airtasker – provides an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task and indicate a budget and community members can then bid to complete the task.

5.  Automate Your Cleanings

Using vacation rental software such as iGMS can be a real life-saver for busy hosts. This is a software solution that allows you to manage your vacation rental properties in one place.

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Whether you work with a cleaning company or a subcontractor, iGMS can organize and automate cleanings for your properties. You will be able to set cleaning tasks for specific crew members and they will be notified in advance via email and/or text message. This helps to ensure your rental space always gets cleaned on time before guests check-in and after they check out.

Going One Step Further

Maintaining your property and keeping it in good and clean condition is something that is not even questionable.

No matter what option you choose, it is essential to make sure your Airbnb cleanings are always performed thoroughly and in a timely manner. You need to be sure that your guests will stay at a property that looks spotless.

To cover the expenses relating to cleaning services, you might consider adding a cleaning fee to your listing. Read our detailed guide to find out how much you should charge and how it may impact your listing.

A good practice is also to schedule seasonal deep cleans in addition to regular ones. Although regular cleanings will keep your vacation rental fresh and neat, a deep clean is a great opportunity to clean your property from top to bottom. This is when you can also check and replace your amenities and appliances, if necessary. By keeping your property sparkling and fully stocked, you will meet the most crucial requirements for a five-star host review.

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