Airbnb Host Insurance: 4 Myths and Facts

Airbnb insurance myths debunked. Read the article to learn what you need to do to protect your Airbnb property.


Airbnb business is tricky, tough but lucrative. It is the most fundamental things to protect yourself and vacation rental property and to gain revenue from vacation rental business. Unfortunately, some hosts do not pay enough attention to such a crucial thing as an Airbnb insurance. This is where all the myths and misunderstandings begin. This article will outline four vacation rental Airbnb insurance myths that many hosts often believe are genuine and the realities behind them.

Myth #1: The Airbnb host protection insurance will get my property covered

Fact: The Airbnb insurance is designed to protect individuals who are the guest in a vacation rental business from bodily injury during their stay in an insured accommodation. Note that the Airbnb insurance does not cover the damages to host’s property. Beware also, that this type of insurance covers vacation rental hosts in some countries. Check out if yours is on the list.

Myth #2: The Host Guarantee and the Host Airbnb Insurance Protection program are the same.

Fact: These two programs are not the same. The Airbnb Host Guarantee program is intended for hosts’ property protection against damages in case if the guest damages their property. The Host Insurance program is constituted as a shield or protection for hosts in opposition to claiming of property damage and bodily injury by a third party.

Even though Host guarantee program decreases the worries, it still has many limitations you should be aware of. You must address Help Center within 14 days after your guest lives. Moreover, there are exclusions that the program does not cover such as money, pets. Also, make sure you apply correctly within the Airbnb procedure. Check the rules, and if you use properly, the chances are you will be covered in many cases.

Myth #3: You are safe with a homeowner’s insurance policy

Fact: If you think your existing home insurance program will cover you then you may be in a fix. Not always does this kind of Airbnb insurance covers home sharing. In general, a conventional home insurance policy will not be enough for a property owner or Airbnb host. The entire homeowner’s policies exclude business activities thus any claim that has to do with business activity could strictly be denied. Since Airbnb is regarded as a business, your claims will probably be rejected.

Myth #4: Landlord Airbnb insurance works for short-term rental business

Fact: This is the most popular myth. Often some hosts get property owner Airbnb insurance. The main issues are that you often are not compensated by this kind of insurance because again Landlord policies also carry “business activity” exclusion. Besides, the Landlord policy does not work for vacation rental business as it is specially designed for renting of properties and it needs regular tenancy checks, which are only applicable to a guest staying for an extended period.

What do you need to do to protect Airbnb business?airbnb insurance myths

The right thing to do is to find a good insurance advisor and get business insurance specifically for vacation rental. Here are three steps for you to follow:

Collect all the Information

Before you start the processing of obtaining your vacation rental insurance, it is essential that you collate all relevant information. If your rental service includes other recreational products like bikes, swimming pool, and gyms, you may have to check if your coverage will reach them. Also, you must find out the type kind of support you will get if things turn bad. Ensure that you speak with the Airbnb insurance provider to know if you will be dealing directly with the policy maker or a third party.

By doing this, you would have saved yourself of a lot headache that could arise if things were to go wrong.

Opt for your preferred Policy

The second phase is to choose a plan that suits and fits your business needs. There are many classes of insurance policies based on the scope of the coverage. Thus, it is vital that you get in touch with a representative of your Airbnb insurance company to ensure that you have made a right choice for your vacation rental business.

Homeowners should be cautious of using price as a criterion for picking coverage. Most times, choosing an inexpensive policy will not properly insure your Airbnb business and expose you to risk in case of a crisis. Be reasonable when making a decision.

Finalize Paperwork

Ensure that you have received all necessary Airbnb insurance papers and policy requirements before giving out the keys to your guest. You certainly want to have all these information in case anything goes wrong.

You should never underrate the influence of the insurance policy maker and their policies. It is the biggest requirement to protecting your investment in the end.

That’s it, you are done. Don’t underestimate the risks and be sure to protect your vacation rental property. Wishing you all safe hosting!

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