Airbnb Key Exchange Integration Introduced by iGMS

Simplify and automate your Airbnb key exchange with iGMS vacation rental software. New integration with Keycafe allows managing keys with no hassle.

When you are in charge of your own Airbnb holiday rental properties you might be your own boss, but you will find yourself having even less time available as there will always be something that demands your attention. Introducing automation, iGMS is trying to make the Airbnb hosting process simpler so that hosts can enjoy a bit of a break too.

Airbnb key exchange by iGMS

Today we are proud to announce about recently joined forces with Keycafe to integrate their valuable Airbnb key exchange service with our software. This means that Airbnb hosts can look forward to a game-changing experience. iGMS, in fact, is the first vacation rental software that introduces Airbnb key exchange automation.

Who Is Keycafe?

Just like iGMS, Keycafe is also a Canadian startup based in Vancouver. They provide an Airbnb key exchange service to hosts and realtors in more than five countries. Thanks to this innovative service, hosts can share their keys with their guests and service providers at any time that is convenient to both the host and guest/service provider. In fact, they are the only key exchange business with an Airbnb API.

The process is oh-so-simple. You visit one of the Keycafe locations, add a tracking device to your keys, and then you just pop your keys into the SmartBox. Now your job is done. The guests or service provider will receive a notification with the location and pin so that they can then collect your keys whenever it suits them. The beauty is that you can rest assured as you will at all times know where your keys are thanks to the tracking fob.

How Does Airbnb Key Exchange Integration Work?

If this Airbnb key exchange service sounds like the solution to your sleepless nights, all it takes to integrate these two services are three simple steps.

  1. First, you are required to sign up to iGMS and Keycafe.
  2. After you have signed up for both these services, go to the “Keys” menu in the iGMS dashboard. Press “Connect Keycafe Account” and enter the login details of your Keycafe account.
Airbnb Key exchange step 1
  1. After this, you’ll be able to see all the keys from the Keycafe account in the iGMS interface. Then, all that is left to do is to confirm the integration of your accounts. So, just click “Complete the integration” button.
Airbnb key exchange iGMS
  1. In the popup window, you’ll be provided with webhook data
Airbnb key exchange step 2
  1. that you’ll need to insert in your Keycafe account setting.
Airbnb key exchange step 3

After you have completed these three straightforward steps, all of their Keycafe accounts will be ready to use in the iGMS dashboard conveniently in a separate block for Airbnb key exchange.

Benefits Offered By Airbnb Key Exchange Integration

The integration offers a key exchange automation within a vacation rental software. These are the benefits that you’ll enjoy from now on:

    1. With the user-friendly interface provided by iGMS, everything is conveniently located in one single place. When hosts opt to integrate their Keycafe account with their iGMS account, they will not have to switch between apps or interfaces. Thus, by integrating this unique Airbnb key exchange feature offered by Keycafe with the sleek interface of iGMS, hosts will be able to increase their productivity (and profits too).
    2. As soon as a guest checks out, the host and the cleaner will be sent a notification by a text message and email. Thanks to this handy feature of Airbnb key exchange, the cleaning process can operate much more smoothly. With Airbnb key exchange, you can say goodbye to those awkward situations where the cleaners arrive only to find that the guests have not departed yet. Apart from the notifications, Airbnb hosts can see changes of the key status right away on the iGMS dashboard.
    3. It is not only the hosts who will benefit from the service offered by Keycafe integration. The guests also find their service to be much more pleasant and relaxing. By using one of the local cafes as a pickup and drop-off point, the guests can conclude their journey in a relaxing environment. Plus, in the near future guests will also get a notification as soon as the place is completely clean and ready for them to check in. This way Airbnb key exchange helps to ensure that the guests’ holiday starts on a high note instead of them having to wait around aimlessly.

Without a doubt, Airbnb key exchange is one of the key elements to a success of any rental business. iGMS is going to continue to make many more advancements like this one. In fact, Airbnb hosts will not have to wait long before they will be able to automate every single operation that is linked to the management of their holiday rental properties. So, be sure to watch our news…

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