iGMS API Launches: Announcing a New Milestone for iGMS

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Now iGMS API is available for all companies that want to use our services and partner with us. Together with future partners from vacation rental industry, we are aiming to provide more valuable services for Airbnb hosts and to bring hosting experience to a new level!

We are happy to announce that we’ve released the first version of our iGMS API. In the last few months, we have worked closely with our partners to test and refine our API. Now, this API will be available to all companies that want to use our services and partner with us.

Get Access to the Airbnb API

iGMS API access

Together with future partners from the vacation rental industry, we are aiming to provide more valuable services for Airbnb hosts and to bring hosting experience to a new level. But not only Airbnb hosts will benefit from new services. Our partners have a chance to streamline their technology. Since we have a native integration with Airbnb, companies that use the new iGMS API will get Airbnb data from us. This can be very useful for developers who are looking to build custom solutions that capitalize on features that are native to Airbnb.

For example, a developer could make use of our Airbnb partnership by:

  • Automating information in smart locks
  • Sending native Airbnb messages
  • Accessing multiple listings from Airbnb

and much more. The range of possibilities is virtually endless.

iGMS API Success Story: iGMS Partners With EveryDoor

Our decision to release the iGMS API to all companies that integrate with our services comes after our successful partnership with EveryDoor. In April of this year, EveryDoor released a custom integration using the iGMS API that is designed to streamline the guest experience for Airbnb rentals.

This custom integration brings Airbnb hosts who use the EveryDoor platform one step closer to complete automation of guest access and interactions. The iGMS API was used in this instance to build an integration that fully automates the key exchange process.

Using the integrated system, iGMS are now able to integrate their smart locks and buzzer systems to offer automatic, secure, keyless entry at all their properties by simply connecting their iGMS accounts to EveryDoor. Hosts can easily coordinate guest entry to their properties through an iGMS account. They can also update the entry codes to their properties, as needed.

Our partnership with EveryDoor creates a number of benefits for both Airbnb hosts and guests. First, access to the Airbnb API ensures the delivery of a consistent guest experience by allowing hosts to streamline their hosting activities via EveryDoor and iGMS. Guest receives the automated message with the keyless access instructions, no room for human error. Secondly, the integration reduces worry for hosts by reducing the potential for problems to arise when it comes to communication with each guest. Thirdly, it fully automates the key exchange process.

How Can I Access iGMS API?

iGMS API tips

To get access to the iGMS API, start by reading the API introduction information. After you complete the necessary steps to request the access, our manager will review your application based on the opportunity that it represents, your technology, and your ability to service the needs of iGMS customers.

Once you are approved, you’ll become a registered developer program participant. With the iGMS API, you’ll be able to build applications that feature custom workflows, make use of the Airbnb API, and much more.

After receiving access, the next steps are to continue with development and get ready to launch your application. Our iGMS technical team will guide you through every step of the process.

Just the Beginning

We believe that such integrations make things easier for our host clients and their guests. As a result, we are now on the search for more great companies to integrate with us and make use of the iGMS API.

As we continue to grow, we are working hard to deliver more services to our hosts by introducing more integrations and products. We’re in the business of simplifying the process of hosting on vacation rental platforms. Now with the new iGMS API and data from Airbnb API, together with our partners, we will focus on further automation so that hosts will have more time to focus on what’s really important: growing their Airbnb revenues.


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