iGMS and EveryDoor Open the Door to Fully Automate Key Exchange

If you are finding it challenging to find new ways that will help you to run your vacation rental business more efficiently, you are not the only host with this dilemma. Fortunately, the answer is quite simple – automation.

With the help of automation, both guests and hosts will enjoy a seamless experience. In fact, in this day and age automation is crucial if you want to manage your Airbnb listings professionally and expand your vacation rental business. And you are in luck… We have joined forces with EveryDoor to bring you one step closer to an effortless key exchange process that is completely automated.

Automate Key exchange tips

The iGMS team is working round the clock to introduce more ways that will help with automating Airbnb management so that hosts will have fewer things to worry about. As a matter of fact, currently, iGMS enables automated messaging, reviews, teamwork and financial reporting to mention only a few of the fantastic features. Apart from these useful features that our software offers, what sets us further apart is that we’re hosts ourselves. This means that we actually know and understand from personal experience that the check-in and check-out process is one of the most important tasks that hosts struggle with every single day.

So, we have decided to make this important task easier for fellow hosts… We are thrilled to announce that we have embarked on a partnership with another key exchange automation company! Thanks to this new partnership, hosts will be able to relax knowing that the check-in process will be executed without a hitch. iGMS shared their API with EveryDoor so that an integration can be built that will automate the key exchange process.

EveryDoor is a check-in automation platform for short-term rental businesses. This service is helping reduce the time hosts spend managing and exchanging keys to seconds and clicks. The software connects to your apartment intercom systems and smart locks and makes it easy to automatically give your guests and cleaners access to your apartments, homes, and townhomes. Their smart-lock automation system works with many different smart-locks, so using different locks at different properties becomes easy, and pin codes are automatically cycled for each guest. By combining your smart-buzzer system and smart-locks, you can automatically unlock apartment doors when guests access the building using the intercom system or simplify your check-in process by using one pin code for both building and apartment unit access. EveryDoor web dashboard lets you monitor check-ins and audit access logs at all of your properties from one place and makes it easy to collaborate with staff to manage access to your properties.

How Will This New Partnership Help You?

Thanks to this new partnership, iGMS users will now be able to integrate their smart locks and buzzer systems to offer automatic, secure, keyless entry at all their properties by simply connecting their iGMS accounts to EveryDoor. So, after you have registered with iGMS and EveryDoor, you will be able to:

  1. Connect your smart locks and intercoms/buzzers seamlessly to offer secure, keyless access to all of your properties, and automate administration via your iGMS account.
  2. Include EveryDoor building and property access instructions automatically via iGMS automated messages.
  3. Import your listings, bookings, staff and guests automatically to EveryDoor.
  4. Change pin codes for smart locks and intercoms/buzzers automatically for each Airbnb booking.
  5. Let guests and cleaners into your units by using the buzzer system using several methods that do not require pins.

In short, iGMS clients will allow EveryDoor smart-buzzer systems to facilitate access to their properties and allow our smart-lock integrations to facilitate access to their units and detached properties. This means that iGMS clients will depend on our proprietary enhancements and automation to reduce the number of manual tasks that relate to managing access control to their properties.

How the Integration Works

There are five simple steps:

Step 1 – If you are an iGMS client, sign up to the EveryDoor system through the link provided below.

Step 2 – Connect your properties, locks and intercoms.

Step 3 – This step will take you to automatic calendar syncing from both platforms.

Step 4 – The guest will receive the automated message with the keyless access instructions.

Step 5 – Sit back and relax.

Automate Key exchange guide

To learn more about the partnership and get started with EveryDoor check-in automation, submit a form here!

We at iGMS truly hope that this integration will help you to take your Airbnb management to the next level by automating your key exchange process completely.

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