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Read the full case study between iGMS and Air Concierge, vacation rental management company.

This is to delve deeper into the development of the iGMS relationship with Vacation Rental Management Company, Air Concierge – all the way from where it began to where we are now.

At iGMS we have been enjoying success story after success story, and one of our newest collaborations is no different. Streamlined partnership working with local property managers in the sub-economy of the Airbnb space is central to our ethos, and we are happy to operate alongside other players in the sector – as the vacation rental market continues expanding worldwide.

About The Customer

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Air Concierge is a vacation rental management company that was established in 2012 and forms part of a community marketplace where homeowners with vacation rental properties – without the time or capacity to manage them – can turn for help. The company primarily offers services to clients including handling photography and listing the vacation rental and deals with bookings, marketing, guest meet and greets, check- out walkthroughs, housekeeping and maintenance. The company majors on removing the time-consuming jobs for homeowners and these jobs also include arranging cleaning, responding to guest issues before, during and after their stay, and calling in the handyman, plumber, electrician, and landscaper – when needed.

The company currently operates across six cities in the US, namely: San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe.

For some vacation rental owners it is important to retain a connection with guests and in essence what they are looking for is a company that can offer a responsive and professional property management service – allowing them to remain in the loop.
This is part of what Air Concierge offer customers – the possibility of staying connected without the excess work involved in managing their properties on their own.

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Air Concierge also work to enhance a property’s performance on sites such as Airbnb, VRBO and Flipkey by aiming to help customers achieve better rental figures, an increase in rate per night, and guests of a higher quality that have been carefully screened. At Air Concierge, the focus is to convert a room or rooms in a customer’s home or second home, into a vacation rental space that generates maximum profit – all while maintaining an efficient and flawless rental process. The efficiency of service is achieved in numerous ways through the company’s extensive offering of services, some of which include: listing the property on multiple online platforms, dealing with contracts, deposits and the collection of fees, and optimizing listings to achieve high ranking search engine positions. In addition to this, the company offers useful practical services such as on-site maintenance and restocking kitchens and bathrooms. These practical offerings and the desire to increase customer profits are of key importance to Air Concierge.

The Challenge for Air Concierge

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However, as Air Concierge grew their portfolio they started to attract new clients with a pre-existing Airbnb profile, which contained their own bookings and reviews. Clients in this new category were not keen to move their property profiles over to the Air Concierge profile – but instead wanted the Company to handle their accounts directly. Whilst the growth in portfolio numbers was incredibly positive for Air Concierge, the challenge of clients not wishing to transition their accounts to the Air Concierge Profile became a significant one. To attempt to resolve this Air Concierge began managing the property profiles for these specific clients – accessing numerous individual accounts manually and creating a larger than manageable workload due to multiple logins and resulting time delays. Air Concierge reached a point where it was impossible to function effectively across so many individual accounts, finding it time-consuming and inefficient to attempt to handle accounts with complex multiple login details, on a daily basis. The company began their search for a company and/or software capable of tackling multi-account management. Air Concierge wanted to find a company or software able to ease the workload and streamline the company’s inner processes – while allowing them to focus on other priorities. The search brought up iGMSs’ details straight away. The issues faced by Air Concierge were about to be resolved in an instant.

 iGMS: The Solution for Air Concierge

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iGMS is a Cloud-based property management software that is designed specifically to assist Airbnb property managers’ to handle multiple Airbnb accounts – a perfect solution for Air Concierge. The iGMS solution – the only property management software supporting multiple Airbnb accounts available on the market – enables customers to connect as many Airbnb profiles as they require, avoiding the need to log in and out each time. The single application, that removes time-consuming processes, creates maximum efficiency for multiple account holders.

The iGMS approach in general looks particularly at ways to complete tasks that require urgent attention such as answering emails at any time of the day or night, and handling technical part of booking for Airbnb hosts and their guests. The company ’s software allows for these tasks to be done across multiple accounts in a streamlined way, meaning that the ultimate customer – the Airbnb host – isn’t penalized for not responding to emails within an hour, making the provision of these services especially valuable. The dilemma of having to log in and out of multiple accounts facing Air Concierge is no longer a reality. iGMS offers services that are made available to hosts through providing customer service from real people and automated tools designed for maximum efficiency.

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The success of iGMS and its offering cannot be denied, with numbers of managed accounts growing at a fast rate. The company’s CEO and Co-Founder Ivan Levchenko, explains: “With a presence in 49 countries and global listings in excess of 3000, we feel confident that this year’s success and the quality of our remote services will fuel continued growth in 2017”. With iGMS you will be able to perform a number of functions in one place to include, receiving popup notifications, accessing and utilizing pattern template responses, leaving to-do notes to communicate with your team, and scheduling cleaners to access the property at a convenient time pre or post guest arrival. And importantly for Air Concierge, iGMS software also offers clients a multi-calendar dashboard, the ability to access and read incoming mail in one central inbox (combining all inboxes), access to one phone number per Airbnb listing, and the capability to automate your vacation rental business with additional powerful Airbnb management tools. The iGMS team is continually working on developing and improving software for clients so that they offer cutting-edge solutions across the board – something it believes will set it apart as a multi-account management software of choice.

The Impact on Business: What Does This Mean for Air Concierge?

It is clear that the features offered by iGMS software take a headache out of handling multiple accounts and the savings, in terms of time and therefore money, are significant. For property manager Air Concierge this removes a heavy burden from its working schedule – freeing up time for the company to continue to maximize its own numbers of listings, and to help numerous Airbnb hosts’ implement marketing strategies – enhancing pricing and guest experiences.

The iGMS multichat function allows for a centralized exchange of conversations that make the overall experience much easier to view, monitor and control. The Single Inbox feature has been a real hit with clients, with all guest threads available in one thread. This makes the location of messages, regardless of which account they are from, very straightforward. It is possible for team members to be invited to view real-time communications with guests – creating ultimate transparency.


Undoubtedly, one of the efficient processes, that make the iGMS’s customer service model so workable, is its capacity to look after multiple accounts through a central dashboard.  The ability to have multiple chats, which can be viewed by navigating between numerous tabs, is especially appreciated by Daniel Delmonte, CEO with Air Concierge, who explains: “Having one dashboard with all the profiles we manage in just one place, not having to log in and out of several accounts. A multichat feature of iGMS saves me a lot of time.”

The iGMS team also understands the importance of being on hand 24/7 to answer client questions’ and provide immediate support. The company boasts a team of native English speaking remote employees, located in various locations worldwide and ready to help with general and more technical queries.

The collaboration between  iGMS and Air Concierge has been a successful one and iGMS look forward to expanding the range and adaptability of their offering as software develops and grows in diversity. It seems that Air Concierge is keenly anticipating any new features iGMS have to offer in the future – which aim to create ongoing and sustainable efficiency in the vacation property rental space.

In an encouraging statement by Delmonte, he says: ‘I’m completely satisfied with iGMS and their support team, who is always available for any questions or problems. I’m also looking forward to seeing the new features they will be adding.”

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