Reservations Report

The Reservations tab specifies the data of the reservations displayed in the Payouts report, mainly focusing on the status of reservations and detailed information about the itinerary data.

Note that a reservation that spans across two months will be listed in the report for both months (e.g. the reservation May 31 – June 3 will be counted as a May reservation and June reservation simultaneously).

To access this report, go to the Reports page and choose the Reservations Report from the dashboard.

How Can I Use the Reservations Report?

You can filter the data by the account name, year, time period, listing name or the property owner and complete a search for a specific amount mentioned in a reservation.

Each entry records information on the Dates of the reservation, followed by the Code of the reservation (clickable and linked to the itinerary booking number), Details of the reservation (dates of the reservation, the name of the guest, the name of the property), the number of Nights your guests booked, Tax (if Airbnb charges you according to the local law) and Management Fee your administrators are paid for managing properties.

The report displays how the Total Payout for a specific reservation is formed, including all the fees and taxes applied to the reservation:

Total Payout = (Base Price + Cleaning Fees) – Service Fee

Base Price is the amount of money your guests pay for the reservation,

Cleaning Fees refer to the amount that goes to your cleaners, and Service Fee is the money that Airbnb charges you for their services.

Note that the Reservations report includes records for past, current and future reservations which can help you to analyze the specific trends for each property and the profit the property brings to the Total Revenue.

Can I Export Reservations Report?

It is possible to export the report to CVS file in case you want to print it or share it with your team.

In case you have any questions about the Reports section in iGMS, please contact our Customer Experience Team via

Updated on May 20, 2019

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