Airbnb Guest Reviews: An iGMS Formula of Happiness

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A guide to getting five-star Airbnb guest reviews. Follow these steps to win your customers' hearts and ensure the best feedback possible!

The year 2016 has been tough in every way; that is why Happiness Index is one of the crucial topics these days.

It is scientifically proven that chocolate contains tryptophan. This amino acid is found in small quantities of chocolate and is used by the brain to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter that can produce feelings of happiness.

Speaking of happiness, iGMS has recently developed two things. The first thing is Vacation Rental Software that helps to support hosts in managing Airbnb accounts. And the second thing is Happiness Formula which might help to get 5 Stars Airbnb guest reviews to the hosts’ properties. Both things are just amazing!

So How To Get Five stars Airbnb Guest Reviews?

1.Cozy Property.

Airbnb Guest Reviews

We want to talk about a lovely place for a short-term rent, convenient for daily shopping and far or close enough (depending on the preferences) to the noisy urban life to have drinks and food in the neighborhood or on the terrace. The really pleasant property, in good condition, is a quiet situation which consists of a hall entrance, a living room, a separate fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom, separate shower, and WC.

Sounds cozy, huh? 

The whole point is that before renting out the place, have a look at it and answer this question: ‘Would I consider it cozy?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, you got it – the best cozy place to become an Airbnb listing.

2. High-Level Service

Airbnb Guest Reviews tips

Think of it this way: if you were a Guest, what would make you say ‘Wow!’ in terms of service? Well, you just follow that. Here are some ideas:

  • Contact the Guests a few days before they arrive and ask if they have any questions or special requests
  • Follow up with Guests during long stays and ask them if they would like a complimentary cleaning service
  • Make yourself available by phone to answer any questions
  • Be a Problem-solver during the entire stay-time

Lastly, how do you know whether you succeeded or not? You check  Airbnb Guest reviews.  🙂

3. Immediate replies to Guest requests

Airbnb Guest Reviews hacks

And now it is the techy part of the talk.

iGMS Vacation Rental  Software notifies you of any Guest message so you never miss it. The system will alert each of your operators whenever any new inquiry comes in. The response rate is your key to a better fill rate.

‘Single Inbox’ feature of iGMS allows you to organize all your guest threads (chats) into a single feed. Quickly find and reply to unread messages regardless of which Airbnb account they came from. Quickly navigate between different reservations.

Airbnb Guest Reviews guide

Bring your crew to the circle so they could communicate to the Guests real-time under your supervision.
iGMS Template Replies feature helps to optimize response rate by letting you turn the most common responses of yours into templates and send them in one click. With iGMS Vacation Rental Software you can turn your responses into templates, store them and use once needed. Send your well-designed response in a second. It affects Airbnb guest reviews because people love quick answers.

4. Collaborate with Your Crew via To-Do Notes

With iGMS ‘To-Do Notes’ feature, you will be able to pin to-do notes on a top of Guest needs and coordinate your crew to add up tasks for active reservation. Turn your inquiries into a five-star Airbnb guest review!

Having said that, we are ready to offer Guest Happiness Formula, which is:


Airbnb Guest Reviews secrets
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