iGMS Introduces the Credit Bonuses Program to Bring Certainty to Your Business

To help your business quickly recover from the challenging events of recent times, we've launched our new Credit Bonuses Program. Read the article to find out how you can benefit.

Though the travel industry has been hit hard by the corona crisis, some markets are showing the first signs of recovery, giving hope to hosts, and property managers across the globe. 

Hosts have done a remarkable job, adapting to the turbulent situation by implementing smart strategies and tactics. According to our recent survey results, many have reduced nightly rates, cut operational expenses, and enhanced their marketing efforts. 

Credit Bonuses Program

Nevertheless, the situation is still vague and it’s difficult to predict exactly when the travel industry will pick up the pace once again. As a host, you are probably feeling uncertain about the future of your business.

That’s why we are keen to boost your confidence and help you to get your business back on track. We’ve launched our new Credit Bonuses Program, designed to help your business quickly recover from the challenging events of recent times. Let’s take a closer look. 

New Customers Receive Up to $1,000 Credit Bonuses When Signing up for iGMS 

While many hosts slashed operational costs, 51.5% of respondents mentioned that they had continued to use automation tools. Automation boosts productivity and optimizes business operations. It also proves useful for those who want to optimize multiple manual business tasks – reducing staff and salary costs. 

It’s little wonder automation tools are considered essential. However, as 45.7% of hosts saw an 80-100% revenue drop in March, pricey software solutions are not an option in the current climate. 

We want to provide you with an opportunity to optimize your business while keeping your expenses down, so we’ve launched the Credit Bonuses Program. The program allows hosts to supercharge their businesses while providing much needed financial support. 

If you register with iGMS between May 1 and May 31, 2020, you will be eligible for receiving up to $1,000 Credit Bonus for using the iGMS PRO plan. You will be able to redeem Credit Bonuses for the PRO Annual and PRO Monthly Subscription plans only.

The iGMS PRO plan gives access to a comprehensive package of advanced features, such as: 

  • Unified inbox for all your messages from both Airbnb and HomeAway/Vrbo accounts.
  • Review management module allowing you to automate the process of leaving reviews. 
  • Multiple account management.
  • Reporting feature to stay on top of your business results. 
  • Email and chat support (response within 24 hours). 
  • Notifications to team members regarding assigned tasks (via email, text messages, or our mobile app).

How to Participate in the Credit Bonuses Program?

As per our Terms and Conditions, to participate in the program and acquire the Credit Bonuses, you should: integrate at least 1 account, provide your credit card details, and select the pricing plan in the profile section no later than 14 days following your registration via the iGMS system.

The amount of bonuses you receive depends on the number of active properties you manage. An active property is one listed vacation rental unit displayed in the Multi-calendar.

The more active properties you connect, the more bonuses you will get. The maximum credit is calculated according to the progressive scale:

iGMS Credit Bonuses Program

Keep in mind that Credit Bonuses can be redeemed until August 1, 2020. That means you can use them during May, June, and July billing cycles. 

We trust that this program will help you feel the solid ground under your feet and enable you to make the most of the upcoming high season. 

If you are not with iGMS yet, this is the perfect time to join!

No Charges for Reservations Canceled in May for Current Customers

As cancellations soared, we decided to tweak our pricing policy for March and April, opting not to charge our customers for canceled reservations. We understand that hosts are still dealing with cancellations, so our billing team won’t be applying any charges for reservations canceled in May either. We hope this initiative will help our clients save on their expenses, and relieve the extra pressure placed on their budget.

Choosing the Best Vacation Rental Software for Your Business 

The role of automation is becoming more prevalent in the current challenging business world we find ourselves in. By taking advantage of automation software and tools, not only can you enhance your productivity, but you can also save time and money. Automation allows you to keep your business under control without having a big team in place. 

Credit Bonuses Program for Hosts

When choosing a software solution, make sure you take into account user reviews and the features offered. Choose vacation rental software, such as iGMS, that has been recognized as the best vacation rental software by industry experts and customers. 

This year alone we have already received 4 awards and we’re proud that our commitment and loyalty to our customers have been recognized and rewarded. We’re determined to continue to improve our customer experience and provide you with the best automation tools to maintain your business. 

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