Your Monthly iGMS Roundup [March 2020]

As promised, here’s our monthly roundup to highlight the iGMS system key updates. We’ve got lots of exciting news to share in March!

Spring has finally arrived and has brought with it bountiful improvements, various updates, and impressive innovations. It’s time to power up your workflow and get ready for the challenges of the new season! Never willing to slow down, our product team has worked tirelessly through the month of March.  We are always interested in feedback and noticed a considerable number of hosts had been actively reviewing the Unified Inbox and Multi-calendar. With this in mind, we focused our efforts on these two core features – and we are hoping you like the results.

⭐️ What’s new:

  1. On-the-Spot Auto-Templates
    We have increased automation speed and added 12 ready-to-use templates for messagingThese templates can be accessed in the Unified Inbox immediately after the first Airbnb/HomeAway/Vrbo account integration with iGMS. Feel free to automate or add a touch of your style!
  2. Payout Data in the Inbox
    Information relating to a reservation payout can now be accessed in the dialogue with your guest. You can access the bookings financial data straight from the inbox, without having to switch to the Report page. This great idea was given to us by our users – and we really like it.

  3. Adjustable Smart Key Codes
    This is another useful idea we have implemented thanks to insightful customer feedback. The message template variable has been extended to {{guest_phone:X}}. This allows us to diversify the number of last digits of the guest’s phone which can be used as access codes for smart locks – another step towards managing check-in automatically.
  4.  Revamped Multi-Calendar
    The Multi-Calendar has been revamped to show dates more than 6 months in advance. The tech team has fixed a few bugs relating to incorrect listing display. Now, all archived properties and ‘ghost’ Airbnb properties no longer appear in Multi-calendar. To keep the Multi-Calendar as precise as possible, we have made sure that after splitting a group via the channel manager, the availability’s data is lined up according to the name of every property.
  5. Vibrant Properties’ Titles
    We’re pleased to say you can now add Emojis to Airbnb/HomeAway/Vrbo property titles 💪🙌. This is a great way to navigate multiple properties Emojis are easy to spot!

  6. Detailed Tasks Notifications
    We have implemented specific email notifications for the non-cleaning Tasks so now you can find task information structured and displayed accurately. When assigned a task, your team members will now be provided with a detailed email allowing for easy identification of tasks and agenda.


🐞… and many more quality improvements!

Here’s what we’ve been busy fixing and polishing during the month of March. 

We have:

  • Enabled support of the new Airbnb threads format. Now all iGMS Inbox threads are easily accessible for communication with your guests. 📧
  • Resolved an issue regarding tasks being auto-assigned to cleaners who were no longer part of the team or had no access to the property.
  • Fixed a random bug affecting the invitation process. New users can join their teams smoothly.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the cleaning time frame was set incorrectly if tasks were exported via iCal.
  • Resolved an error involving the vertical stretching out of account avatars. Now the photos are displayed as evenly rounded.
  • Added extra tools on backend to improve regular synchronization processes. 🛠️
  • Fixed an error relating to the Tasks report not converting to CSV file when clicking on the respective button. Now it is working as designed.
  • Resolved a technical issue affecting HomeAway thread sync process. Now the synchronization runs systematically and efficiently.
  • Sorted out a problem that randomly affected the location of Keycafe keys🔑 Mapping now works correctly.

Here, at iGMS, we really do care about your experience with us. That’s why we’re working hard to become more cohesive and efficient every month. We do hope our major updates and minor fixes will come in handy as you navigate your way through the vacation rental management process. While we are getting ready for our April Product Roundup, why not sign up for free today and try out all the perks of iGMS automated tools?

A Note For iGMS Users and Hosts Regarding COVID-19:

We understand that Coronavirus Pandemic has brought confusion and uncertainty to our industry. We would just like to take this opportunity to wish you well. Please stay safe and look after yourself, and each other, during these challenging times.  We’ve come up with a few strategies that might help you to sustain and even grow your business going forward, please take a look at your convenience.


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