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If you are looking for a vacation rental app to manage your Airbnb business, look no further. Check out the unique and easy-to-use iGMS mobile application.

If you have found the interface of Airbnb’s vacation rental app difficult to operate, you are not the only one. In fact, many hosts and Airbnb management companies have reported that the Airbnb app, unfortunately, causes irritation. Well, now you can rest assured, thanks to our new mobile app! We are happy to present it to the world so that Airbnb hosts can enjoy freedom and flexibility while handling Airbnb business more efficiently.

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Almost 70% of our clients rely on their mobile devices for work! As mobile apps are so important to success, we have created a vacation rental app that is efficient, straightforward and convenient. Whether you are simply a host with one property or a business boasting hundreds of listings, you will find this vacation rental app extremely handy and accessible.

The iGMS vacation rental app offers 100% the same functionality as a web software which is pretty unique. Most of the vacation rental apps have only some features offered by a desktop version. Thanks to its sleek interface, managing all the different aspects of your Airbnb property will be more efficient and actually delightful.

So what does our vacation rental app offer?

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Efficient Organization of Cleaning Services

Renting your Airbnb property has enough difficult tasks already. So, tracking your cleaning service should not be one more hassle. When your cleaning team installs our iGMS app, they will receive a notification as soon as a guest has returned the keys. This handy feature means that they will be able to schedule their appointments better. Plus, as soon as the cleaning crew has completed their work, they can notify the management via the app that the property is ready to welcome the next guests.

Complete Control Over Bookings

One of the fundamental features of our vacation rental app is to enable hosts to view their complete rental portfolio as it is set out over weeks and months in just one or two swipes. And all of these are possible from anywhere right from your mobile device.

Another great tool that helps hosts to control their properties is the note-taking feature. Thanks to this feature, hosts can add a special request as a reminder to a specific listing. Combine this handy note-taking feature with the push notifications and you will never forget something important again. The push notifications will see to it that every single alert always remains visible. So, you will not miss any booking or guest messages.

Handling Multiple Accounts 

Our iGMS vacation rental app makes it simple to manage your Airbnb rental business while you continue with your busy life. Managing multiple accounts doesn’t have to be a headache. You won’t need to log in and out from different accounts all the time and you can view all your Airbnb business on a single dashboard. With our app, you can combine various Airbnb accounts into one inbox, sync with different external calendars, such as TripAdvisor and VRBO, and oversee your team.

Effortless Communication

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As a host, you are happy to receive a message from a potential guest. Though, let’s be honest, replying to all the messages has to be one of the most time-consuming tasks that Airbnb hosts face. As a matter of fact, on average a multi-property Airbnb host sends about 2500 messages every single month. That is almost 100 messages per day!

Our iGMS vacation rental app makes messaging easy thanks to native two-way Airbnb communication that is built into our app. Plus, thanks to the message templates and triggered autoresponders, no guest will ever feel neglected.

So, instead of constantly having to write long messages, you can use one of the templates. In fact, iGMS can automate about 70% of the messages that you send. This works out to about 60 hours that you can save!

So, if you are fed up with having to switch between your different Airbnb accounts, compose message after message and then still need to find the time somewhere to liaise with your team, our iGMS vacation rental app is definitely for you. After all, time is money. So, why not try an app that can save you time? Apart from making your Airbnb venture more profitable, the experience of hosting will become much more enjoyable too.

Our iGMS app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store and is compatible with your mobile phone, tablet or other mobile devices. Download the app to your device now!

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