Your Monthly iGMS Roundup [May 2020]

Here’s a roundup of the latest stories and updates released by the team here at iGMS since April.

Accepting the challenges of our new normal, the product crew has worked their fingers to the bone to get the iGMS functionality ready for the new travel season – thankfully no fingers got hurt! Thumbs up!

In May, we focused on the refinement of existing features (for a very exciting reason, which we can now reveal)…HUGE updates are on the cards for the month of June, including new features for manual bookings and a fresh new design for the Multi-calendar. The development team is busy adding a few final touches, and in the meantime, we would like to share what else we’ve been doing, fixing, and improving.                                             

What’s new :  

  • Users requested more flexibility, so you can now change an email address associated with an individual iGMS account in just a few clicks (via profile settings).
  • For those who are interested in becoming our affiliate partners, we have added a ‘’Get Bonus’’ button to the panel. Recommend iGMS to your fellow hosts and you will receive a well-deserved reward 💰
  • In the Inbox, you can now copy a reservation number – just click on it in the Itinerary Information page💡 
  • Active Airbnb listings with no description or title are now synced and displayed on iGMS too.
  • The Accounts & Listings tab has been updated. You can now filter your properties by source platform (e.g. Airbnb) account status (active/all listings) or health status (problematic accounts, sync issues etc.)🛠️

  • The HomeAway/Vrbo accounts integration flow has been reworked to speed up and simplify the process of connecting new accounts🔗
  • We have enhanced the HomeAway/Vrbo threads sync so they are updated on a more regular basis 
  • Our upon-inquiry message auto-responder can now be set to trigger when a new Airbnb reservation request is made🧵
  • HomeAway/Vrbo special characters are now displayed in the Inbox preview mode.
  • Invitation emails for property owners and cleaners have been reworked, and now suit the roles more specifically 📨

🐞 …and our development team fixed plenty of bugs too during the month of May, here’s what we did:

  • Resolved a bug relating to a cleaner not receiving notifications on visit updates. Now, once assigned, a cleaner receives a regular text and email notifications🧾
  • Devised Airbnb reservation descriptions (including check-in/checkout data), and re-created these in the Inbox. The team added this wherever the Airbnb information provided wasn’t considered to be comprehensive enough. 
  • Fixed an issue to ensure all notes for the Airbnb listing in a grouped property are shown in the All channels view ✒️
  • Corrected a problem – now the correct last 4 digits of a guest’s phone number are pulled when using the “guest last 4” variable in the message templates.
  • Resolved an error which caused the red screen crash when loading the Payout report page📋
  • Resolved an error when the “Getting Started” screen was shown if there are already accounts connected to the iGMS platform.
  • Fixed a bug relating to TripAdvisor iCals. Now events marked “Not available” in TripAdvisor iCals are no longer considered as reservations🧰

We really hope that moving forward with iGMS will benefit your vacation rentals and broaden your horizons in the wake of our new business reality. If you are not with us yet, we implore you to join iGMS and explore our features. We can’t wait to share more news with you in June, so, stay tuned!

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