9 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials: A Cheat Sheet for Airbnb Hosts

As a professional Airbnb host, it is your job to make sure that your guests will have all of the Airbnb essentials that they need. In case you're wondering how to outfit your bathroom so that your guests will be comfortable, here is a cheat sheet of the 9 Airbnb essentials that you need to have in your property's bathroom.

There are two types of Airbnb guests: Those who notice that you’ve prepared the bathroom for them with all of the Airbnb essentials and those who just expect these items to be there. As a professional Airbnb host, it is your job to make sure that both types of guests have all of the Airbnb essentials that they need.

In case you’re wondering how to outfit your bathroom so that your guests will be comfortable, here is a cheat sheet of the 9 Airbnb essentials that you need to have in your property’s bathroom. Adding these products to your bathroom will make a huge difference in how guests view your property.

1. Large Size Toiletries and Soap

For the bathroom, you ’ll definitely need toiletries such as shampoo, hand soap and body wash. Try to go for neutral scents or unscented soaps to avoid creating problems for your Airbnb guests that might suffer from allergies to chemicals. This also ensures that your guests of all genders will be able to use the soaps and other Airbnb essentials that you have in the bathroom.

By purchasing toiletries for your property in bulk, you’ll have supplies of these Airbnb essentials on hand when they need to be refilled. Large size toiletries also need to be refilled less often, which means that there will be one less task for your cleaning service to take care of. In addition, guests are less likely to cart away your toiletries when they leave if the toiletries in containers that are too big to take on the plane ride back home.

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2. Proper Shower Fixtures

Instead of offering the standard shower fixtures, upgrade your bathroom to include an adjustable water pressure showerhead and shower hose. This is a great way to make your bathroom seem more comfortable without you having to spend a lot of extra money. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to take a long bath or shower during their downtime with these improvements. Even if you don’t upgrade to these items, make sure that the showerhead has sufficient water pressure and is free from limescale, which can spoil the shower experience.

3. Hooks and Shelves

As another one of the must-have Airbnb essentials for the bathroom, you can never have enough hooks. Place hooks on the back of the door so that your Airbnb guests can hang up their clothes and wet towels. You can also add hooks beside the shower cabin to make it easier for guests to reach out for the towel after having a shower.

Guests usually bring some of their personal bath items such as loofahs and washcloths to the shower cabin. Make sure you have some shelves to store those. These small details become really important when you can’t find a place to put your belongings.

4. Towel Racks

Although a single towel rack might suffice for your own personal needs, when you have Airbnb guests who stay at your property on a regular basis, you should make sure that you install more than one towel rack so that everybody has a place for their wet items. This will ensure that guests don’t end up leaving wet towels on the floor because there is nowhere to hang them in the bathroom.

5. Trash Bin

Add a trash bin in a bathroom to make it more convenient for people to dispose of used toiletries while bathing. Make sure that you also remind guests to empty this trash bin if the house rules designate that they will be responsible for disposing of waste while they stay at your home.

6. Bath Mats or Foot Towels

Provide an anti-slip surface in the bathroom by adding bath mats to all wet areas. If you put down bath mats, you can prevent slip accidents and make sure that your floors are protected from excess moisture at the same time.

Bath mats are also nice to have because they help to keep your floors cleaner while providing your guests with a comfortable surface to stand on as they use the bathroom. To prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria, make sure that the bath mats get cleaned after every guest leaves.

If you want your guests to have a superior experience, the foot towel in the bathroom would be a way to go. Guests will definitely know that the foot towel has been washed and prepared for their convenience.  You might also want to think of some underfloor heating solution if you have a deluxe apartment and want to create a luxurious bathing experience for your guests.

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7. Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is one of the must-have Airbnb essentials for the bathroom. Purchase a hair dryer to make it quick and easy for your guests to dry their hair after a shower. You can even look for a wall-mount hair dryer so that it is just like the one that your guests might find in a hotel.

8. One-time Use Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Your guests will really appreciate the fact that you thought of the small things. Add a one-time use toothbrush and toothpaste for each of the Airbnb guests that will stay at your property. Even if they don’t use it, the fact that it is there will leave a positive impression on guests.

9. Clean Set of Towels

There should be a clean set of towels for every guest no questions asked. If your property offers access to a pool, spa or fitness room, keep additional towels in the linen closet so that there are enough towels to bathe with and to take along for these recreational activities.

As another tip, make sure that you tell your guests where to store used towels so that they can be easily located by the cleaning service. This will help you to avoid having moldy towels hidden away in cabinets where they won’t be found for days or even weeks.

Above all, make sure that your guests are aware that all of these Airbnb essentials are there for them. Sometimes, guests assume that items that are in the bathroom were actually left behind by the host and shouldn’t be used.

By showing them that you have taken the steps to pay attention to these small hospitality details, you can use these Airbnb essentials to increase your chances of earning a glowing Airbnb review.

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