Top 6 Airbnb Complaints From Guests and How to Resolve Them

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Airbnb complaints from the guest usually result in bad reviews. How to prevent most common Airbnb complaints? Find out now!

Ever wonder what are the Airbnb complaints that hosts receive most often? Unsurprisingly, most of them are actually pretty easy to prevent. Here are some of the top Airbnb complaints from guests and how you can resolve them as a host.

1. Your Place Is Not That Clean As Expected

Airbnb complaints on cleaning

Let’s face it: Airbnb guests expect your property to be as clean or cleaner than a hotel room. As a result, you need to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that your place is perfectly clean and neat every time a guest arrives. If you manage cleaning on your own, the rules of the game are the same.

Cleaning your place doesn’t only mean taking out the trash and vacuuming, you need to get rid of the rust stains in the tub, dust inside the kitchen cabinets, and the cobwebs on the ceilings. Your guests will comment on those overlooked spots that you didn’t think mattered when they declare that your place is filthy in an Airbnb review. Make sure there are no bad scents in the property. Guests usually hate them and mention this problem either personally or in a review after the stay.

2. My Host Wasn’t Welcoming or Didn’t Respond to Me

Many guests don’t only expect you to offer a place to stay, they also might want you to act as an unofficial tour guide. To avoid ending up with bored guests that keep contacting you during their stay because they don’t know what to do or where to go in your area, make sure that you leave some tourist guides on the kitchen table in your place with some recommendations on local eateries and entertainment options.
You can also include information on how to get to each destination from your place. This is also a great way to accommodate guests who arrive too soon to check-in.

By offering them some ideas for dining and entertainment options in your area, you can help welcome them to your city while you finish up with any last-minute preparation and cleaning. This will make you seem like a great host who goes above and beyond, which is what guests need to think if you want to gain or keep your Superhost status!

As your guests arrive and get settled, make sure that you are prompt in responding to any inquiries from your guests to avoid Airbnb complaints. Leave your guests some options for contacting you like phone, what’s up etc.

3. I Couldn’t Get the WiFi to Work

Sometimes guests might have trouble using the appliances in your home. If it is complicated to use or requires some explanation, leave instructions for your guests on how to use the espresso machine or the motorized window blinds.

Another common problem that guests have after checking in is trying to connect to your WiFi. In order to avoid Airbnb complaints after the fact, you can offer the username and password for your WiFi account to guests via the Airbnb messaging application before they even check-in. And be sure to respond quickly if your guests have some issues. Wi-fi is as important as heating and light nowadays.

4. There’s No Washer and Dryer Like You Said There Was

When guests book your property, they expect to receive the same amenities mentioned in your property description. If you want to avoid Airbnb complaints, you must make sure that you are honest in your description of the amenities your place has.

Airbnb complaints to hosts


Don’t claim to offer amenities that your property doesn’t actually have with the hopes that the guests won’t notice. The odds are that there will always end up being at least one guest who actually checks for the washer and dryer you claimed to have in the basement even though they don’t actually have to use it.

5. The Heating Is Broken!

If the dishwasher stops working or the heat won’t come on, your guests want a fix right away. Otherwise, you can expect that there will be some Airbnb complaints about it! If you aren’t able to resolve the issue yourself, make sure that your guests know that someone is on the way to fix and send someone on the same day, as soon as possible.

Will it help you avoid a bad review altogether? Maybe not, but on the other hand, it will help future guests avoid a similar headache. And after all, this is your responsibility since you are a host.

6. Your Property Doesn’t Look Like the Photos

This is one of the biggest Airbnb complaints that guests have and this one is actually very easy to fix. These Airbnb complaints arise because the host did not use photos that reflect the reality of the property. Instead of using fewer or low-quality photos to try and hide imperfections, make sure to take high-quality photos every time. Keep in mind that the more Airbnb photos you take, the better. Shoot every room and the exterior of your property from multiple angles to give your potential guests the most honest view of your property possible.

In addition to the look of the property itself, don’t forget to mention that you have pets so that you don’t subject your guests who have allergies to pet dander. Another thing is that you shouldn’t try to be overly optimistic in describing your neighborhood. If you know it’s near the red light district or in a seedy part of town, don’t try to list it as “up and coming” to fool guests!

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