How to Contact Airbnb and Get Help

Wondering how to contact Airbnb customer service quickly and get your issue resolved? Here is a complete list of Airbnb support contact details for you to get help once you need it.

Have you ever wondered how to contact Airbnb customer service quickly and efficiently? We know that reaching out to customer service can be very bothersome and time-consuming. Sometimes, small issues are not worth the wait and effort, so hosts can resolve them on their own. 

However, it is also likely that all hosts will face a more serious problem at least once in their careers. When that happens, reaching out to Airbnb customer care directly is the best and most effective option.

To avoid all the confusion surrounding customer service information, we’ve decided to create a comprehensive Airbnb customer service guide. You can use this guide as an all-around information sheet that holds all relevant information on how to contact Airbnb.

How to Contact Airbnb by Phone

Customers and guests frequently seek direct phone lines whenever they come across an issue. Calling Airbnb via phone is likely to resolve the issue faster than going the digital route. Email communication tends to be quite time-consuming since the company’s inboxes are always brimming with requests and inquiries. 

how to contact Airbnb by phone

Currently, Airbnb has offices across 34 different cities and countries, each of which has a dedicated phone number. When contacting Airbnb’s customer service, you should always use a verified phone number. Here are some tips for communicating with a customer service rep:

  • Before calling, check the rates with your carrier because a long-distance call fee might be charged.
  • Take notes during the call. Sometimes, if you need to communicate with the customer service more than once, you won’t be connected with the same agent. For this reason, notes can be a true lifesaver.
  • If your country doesn’t have a dedicated customer support number, we recommend calling the one that’s the closest to your area.

The best toll-free customer support phone number for US residents is 1-855-424-7262 (available 24 hours). Another number we recommend calling is 1-415-800-5959 (San Francisco). Below, you’ll find the list of all international Airbnb phone numbers:

  • Australia +61 2 8520 3333
  • Austria +43 (0) 72 08 83 800
  • Argentina +54 11 53 52 78 88
  • Brazil +55 21 3958-5800
  • Canada +1-855-424-7262
  • Chile +56 229 380 777
  • China +86 10 5904 5310 or 400 890 0309 (shared-cost)
  • Denmark +45 89 88 20 00
  • France +33 (0) 1 84 88 40 00
  • Germany +49 30 30 80 83 80 or +49(0)40 609 464 444
  • Greece +30 211 1989888
  • Hong Kong +852 5808 8888
  • Israel +972 3 939 9977
  • Ireland +353 1 697 1831
  • Italy +39-06-99 36 6533
  • Japan +81 3 4580 0999 or +81 800 100 1008 (toll-free)
  • Mexico +52 55 41 70 43 33
  • Netherlands +31 (0) 20 52 22 333
  • New Zealand +64 4 4880 888
  • Norway +47 21 61 16 88
  • Peru +51 1 7089777
  • Poland +48 22 30 72 000
  • Portugal +351 30 880 3888
  • Puerto Rico +1 787 919-0880
  • Russia +7 495 465 80 90 (Moscow) or + 7 495 380 35 15 or 88003017104 (toll-free)
  • South Korea +82 2 6022 2499 or +82 808 220 230 (toll-free)
  • Spain +34 91 123 45 67
  • Switzerland +41 43 50 84 900
  • Sweden +46 844 68 12 34
  • UK +44 203 318 1111
  • USA +1-415-800-5959 (San Francisco)
  • +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

What Can’t Be Resolved by Phone with Airbnb?

Although contacting Airbnb via phone can be the fastest way of reaching customer service, some things can’t be done over the phone. But, let’s talk about what we can resolve via phone first:

  • Airbnb booking inquiries/canceling a reservation
  • Reporting issues with bookings
  • Requesting a full or partial refund
  • Filing complaints
  • Assisting hosts who are having trouble with guests
  • Inquiries about credit or debit charges

On the other hand, some issues or steps might require an additional form of communication. Namely, you might need to scan or upload certain documents when making claims or receiving funds. Lastly, if a conflict between guests and hosts doesn’t seem to be in breach of any Airbnb rules and regulations, customer service won’t be able to help. That means that they won’t be able to issue a refund or other forms of compensation. Instead, guests and hosts will have to find a solution on their own without involving Airbnb.

How to Contact Airbnb Support by Email

Some people prefer communicating with customer service through emails. This option is especially attractive because you don’t have to pay a service fee. While you might have to wait longer to receive a response, at least you won’t have to think about whether you’re going to be charged a long-distance call fee.

You can reach out to the company at any of the three addresses mentioned below:

how to contact Airbnb by email

Also, you can contact Aisling Hassel, Global Head of Customer Experience at

Lastly, if you ever need to contact the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, directly, you can use the following email address:

Bear in mind, though, that the company usually responds to emails within a couple of days. In case your inquiry is urgent, it might be better to contact them via phone.

How to Contact Airbnb Directly Using Their Website

Another option is to contact customer service through the Airbnb website. You can do so by going to the Help Center and locating the Contact Us option. Before being able to open the contact form, you will have to go through some basic questions, such as why you are reaching out and what the issue is, so your message can be forwarded to the correct department.

You will also be offered a live chat option that enables you to communicate with customer service representatives in real-time.  

How to Contact Airbnb Customer Service Using Company Social Media Channels

In recent years, thanks to the ever-rising popularity of social media networks, many companies have started using them to communicate with customers actively. The most common channels include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are the ones managed by Airbnb:

Due to high engagement, Airbnb is particularly active on Twitter. If you require a semi-urgent company response, then contacting them through Twitter is your best bet. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Look for the @airbnbhelp handle in the search box
  3. Open the blue drop-down menu which is next to the Follow button
  4. Choose the Send a Direct Message option
  5. Enter your questions/concerns, and you should hear back within 10-15 minutes
  6. Provide additional personal information if necessary.

Seeking Help on Hosting Forums and Groups

If your problem doesn’t require a direct Airbnb interference, another great option is to seek solutions through hosting forums and Facebook groups. This can be an outstanding source of information because it has a community vibe. 

Airbnb customer support

A lot of hosts and property managers are more than eager to share their experience and give some tips or advice. You can find a wide variety of forums by performing a quick Google search. Here are two well-known forums in the Airbnb hosting and property management community:

Facebook also has a wide variety of groups that have thousands of users. Both forums and groups are pretty active, so you are likely to receive an immediate response from members. 

However, when posting anything in either groups or forums, make sure to read the guidelines first. Some require a specific inquiry format which all users should stick to. Otherwise, your post might be deleted.


Hosts are well-aware of the fact that sooner rather than later, they will have to contact  Airbnb customer service. The list of potential issues is endless, ranging from basic account inquiries to reporting issues with guests. Luckily, Airbnb has provided its community with a considerable set of communication options, enabling everyone to receive answers as soon as possible. Just make sure to follow this guide on how to contact Airbnb, and you’ll be good-to-go.

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