Infographic: The 2019—2020 Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing

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The continued growth of Airbnb has resulted in more vacation rental properties being listed than ever before. Competition is hotting up, so now is not the time to skimp on vacation rental marketing. Are you doing enough to promote your property? Check out our infographic, designed to help you to optimize your vacation marketing strategy.

Vacation rental marketing is just as important as making your property look good for your guests. Are you ready to outsmart your competitors and make your property stand out from the crowd? It’s time to implement the 4P’s vacation rental marketing strategy.

This infographic has been created by iGMS to give you a brief overview of the 4P’s marketing mix. The 4P’s vacation rental marketing strategy is an effective formula for success that concentrates on the product, pricing, promotion, and place. Explore its key points in our insightful infographic.


vacation rental markering guide

 Want to dig deeper into vacation rental marketing? Get the 2019—2020 Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing, featuring top tips & hacks from experts. 

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