Brand New Features And Improvements By iGMS

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Bring your teamwork and key management to a whole new level with these new features from iGMS. Learn more!

The season of giving is upon us! The team at iGMS is celebrating by introducing more brand new features and major improvements for our iGMS software. Managing your Airbnb properties does not have to be stressful, at least not with the help of iGMS software. Now Airbnb hosts can streamline how they manage their cleaning, keys, and access with these three new features.

Cleaning Management

With our brand new updates, team management becomes even smarter and more efficient. The cleaners’ work orders view is limited to their own tasks. It makes it so easy to track their scope of work, plan ahead and schedule the cleanings much more efficiently.

Cleaning management tipsThere is no need to overwhelm the team members of your cleaning crew with extra information. Everybody is responsible for their tasks only. Once the head of the cleaners assigns the task, the cleaning crew member receives a notification by text message, email or both. Thanks to this smart notification, no task (or muddy spots) will ever be missed.

Once cleaners receive the work order, they will have an option to either accept or reject the task.

This way you’ll be informed of the work order status in no time. After the job has been successfully completed, the cleaning crew member just marks it as completed on the system. This helps to plan the guests’ check-ins more accurately and allows you to manage early check-ins as soon as the property is ready.

Cleaning management upgrade

Key Management

Do you want to manage your keys securely, but also simplify it for both you and your guests? iGMS now allows an integration with Keycafe, one of the leading key management platforms.

As soon as a guest checks out, both the Airbnb host and cleaner will be sent a notification via a text message and email. Thanks to this handy feature of Airbnb key exchange, the cleaning process can operate much more smoothly. With Airbnb key exchange, you can say goodbye to those awkward situations where the cleaners arrive only to find that the guests have not departed yet. Apart from the notifications, Airbnb hosts can see any changes of the key status right away on the iGMS dashboard.

Access Management 

By now, iGMS users were able to assign different access levels to users depending on their roles and job functions. Another important role was added recently. From now on, Airbnb management companies can assign an owner to each property in the system.

Owners access management

Going further, it is possible now to provide an owner access for each property that allows owners to view specifically their business performance. This makes your reporting to the homeowners as transparent as possible.

Thanks to these three new features and improvements that the team at iGMS has launched, Airbnb hosts too can take a break this holiday season.

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