New Features: The Upgraded Toolset for Vacation Rental Team Collaboration

For any vacation rental business well-organized teamwork is one of the key points for providing the best guests' experience. We are excited to introduce our new vacation rental team collaboration tools that will make your business more effective!

As every vacation rental manager knows, team coordination can be very challenging. You have to sort out a cleaning routine, update owners and property managers, and try to stay on top of guest communication too! 

We’re experienced hosts ourselves, so we understand the importance of organized teamwork. The vacation rental market is ultra-competitive, so your team must work together efficiently to build an outstanding guest experience.  

With this in mind, we’ve upgraded the toolset for vacation rental team collaboration and we are very excited to tell you about the new features: 

  • Smooth Navigation 
  • Flexible Access  & Labels 
  • Advanced iGMS Profile

With these great new features you won’t have to spend as much time fussing over your cleaning routine, and you won’t be late responding to guests or slow to update owners and property managers. 

In a nutshell, you can concentrate on keeping your team focused on the needs and expectations of your guests, and you can let iGMS do the rest.

toolset for vacation rental team collaboration

So, let’s take a look at the great new updates in more detail. 

Smooth Navigation

Check out the newly renovated iGMS Team dashboard – we have to say it’s looking good! The dashboard offers convenient access to all of the team & member management features you will need.  

team members section

With our smooth navigation you can change roles and settings in just one click! If you have a big team you can search for team members by name. Inviting new team members is easy too. Use the dashboard to see who has accepted an invitation to your team and check who is already active on the platform (the team member card turns gray). You can also see if anyone has yet to take you up on your invite and can get in touch to see if they require any additional help.

Flexible Access and Labels

iGMS has upgraded access settings based on our customers’ requests – allowing hosts to be more flexible when granting access to team members. Depending on your workflow, you can open or limit access to certain properties, accounts or groups of properties. 

However, the true cornerstone here is our brand new and unique access feature – “Labels.” The flexibility of the labels tool provides hosts with the opportunity to set up access to multiple properties or one single property. You can assign a property owner to a property and create exceptions from the label’s rules as required.  

Flexible Access and Labels

For example, a vacation rental manager can create a label for a certain group of properties, located in one city, and specify access to his team through this label. Every team member assigned to this label will have access to all of the properties grouped under it.  

Advanced iGMS Profile

iGMS owner and team member profile has also undergone visual changes and has acquired new functionality (we would really like to know what you think of our new design). 

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect: 

  1.  Notifications

    Ensure you and your team stay up-to-date. Sound notifications in the browser help you quickly respond to new messages from your guests in the web app. 

    iGMS provides your cleaning team with email and text notifications about upcoming tasks and your cleaners can change their contact details in their profile if the main email address or number is out of reach. 

  2. Subscription details

    When it comes to billing, you want to know exactly how your iGMS subscription plan works and how the rates apply to your properties. To make sure you stay fully informed we have added more detail to the team owner’s profiles. Now the account holder can see the current subscription plan and the number of active properties. Plus important billing details such as the personal rate, discounts, and added credit cards.

  3. Signature

    Create your own signature as you want it to appear in each automated template that’s sent from your inbox (your contacts, for example). You only need to set this up once, so there’s no need to worry about every template, just switch the toggle.

  4. Unassigned tasks setting

     Use this setting to control whether or not your cleaning team get to see unassigned tasks.  If you like the idea of giving your cleaners the freedom to choose and assign their own cleaning tasks this feature will be invaluable.

  5. Onboarding tips

    To look through the first steps of the software setup enable the toggle “Show Onboarding Tips and Tutorials” and hit the “Take a Tour” button at the top of the panel.

The Key Benefits of Team & Members Tools

We’ve said it once, but it’s worth repeating, if you want to save time and keep your management routine structured you need to build a strong team. That’s where iGMS come in – our Team & Member management features allows hosts to invite team members and property managers to interact. 

iGMS allows for the full customization of roles, permissions, and access for each individual team member. Grant the right access to the right team members and make sure everyone can see the right information at the right time. The benefit? You can run your operation smoothly (and you will stay sane) – especially if you have a big team! Once your hosting team is set-up and organized, you can focus on growing your business and managing more properties.

Team Up with iGMS Customer Experience Team

Here at iGMS we are keen to help busy hosts to fine-tune their vacation rental business. We can assist you in your quest to master automation and develop teamwork, ensuring you take full advantage of all the instruments in the iGMS toolbox. 

iGMS Customer Experience Team

If you need help whilst using our vacation rental software, feel free to reach out to us via our Live Chat or by email. We can talk you through how you can adjust automation for your hosting needs and how to change your subscription. 

We do love feedback – so please share! If you have a great idea for a feature or thoughts on functionality and usability our product team would like to hear from you.   

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