Vacation Rental Business: 7 Rules for Attracting Hosts

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There are some features and strategies your company can adopt to attract more Airbnb hosts. Read the article to learn about them.

The most successful Airbnb hosts in the vacation rental business are the ones that have established quality partnerships. If you want to attract more Airbnb hosts to your Airbnb management company, you need to position your company as the solution to all of your clients’ Airbnb management needs.

Here are the features your company should offer and some strategies that you can adopt to attract more Airbnb hosts to your vacation rental management company or Airbnb management service.

Understanding of the Local Market

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Airbnb hosts need a vacation management company that has a keen understanding of the local market. Given that many Airbnb hosts are either living in another city or are traveling, it is actually rare that an Airbnb host will be onsite to deal with any concerns that may arise. That is why some Airbnb hosts decide to hire a vacation rental management company to manage their vacation rental business.

To attract Airbnb hosts, make sure that your company is fluent in the trends that apply to your local market including seasonal reservation trends, the ratio of employees needed to successfully manage a property, and can answer questions about local regulations, such as occupancy taxes. Show your knowledge and experience in the blog on your website, trends reports, detailed industry analytics that your clients can easily access.

It’s also a good idea to let clients know that your vacation rental management company only operates where you have a local footprint. This demonstrates to your clients that your company has a stronger connection to the local community and can offer a higher level of service that other companies that are not based in the area.

Market Your Client’s Vacation Rental Business

Make sure that you have a detailed strategy in place to market your Airbnb vacation rental business clients’ properties. You should offer your clients well-written, optimized property listings, SEO services, professional photography, videography, and staging. Additionally make sure that you answer guest queries as quickly as possible, providing excellent customer service to every Airbnb guest.

It’s also a good idea to have a few references on hand from satisfied clients so that potential clients can speak with them before making a commitment. Talking to them will confirm to your potential clients that your company is reputable and trustworthy.

If you can also demonstrate via case studies that clients that work with your vacation rental management company have more successful bookings and earn more profits than the competition, then Airbnb hosts are more likely to be attracted to your business because you can provide definitive proof that your services work. Great case studies speak louder than words.

Reliable Network of Third-Party Vendors

Vacation Rental Business Vendors

When a problem arises at a property, your Airbnb host clients need help right away. By establishing a reliable network of third-party vendors, you can help your clients feel more confident in handing over cleaning and maintenance issues for their vacation rental business to your company. Your team of vendors should include property developers, real estate agents, plumbers, handymen, electricians, HVAC technicians, landscaping services, pool/spa maintenance services, and pest control.

Choose vendors that are available 24/7, including holidays and weekends, for emergency repairs. You should also make sure that there are backup vendors that you can call in the event that your usual contacts are unavailable. Creating a stress-free system for maintenance and cleaning for your clients’ vacation rental business is the best way to ensure their success.

Transparent Invoicing

Many vacation rental business owners are already operating on razor-thin margins. As a result, you need to be upfront about how your vacation rental management company charges for services. Make sure that your company provides a detailed list of what your management fees cover so that Airbnb hosts know what they are agreeing to.

By including the fact that you offer transparent invoicing and disclosing any additional fees that you charge upfront, you can help Airbnb hosts to feel more confident about hiring your management company.

Dedicated Account Management

Keep in mind that convenience is one of the highest priorities for selecting a vacation rental management company. Full-service vacation rental management should also come with dedicated account management support. Every client should be able to reach out to a member of your management team who can assist them with any problems that may arise. Adding an instant messenger to the website is a great way to show that you are easily accessible to your clients.

Fill in the Gaps

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Property management companies once supported the high costs of their services by promoting their marketing capabilities. However, these days Airbnb hosts are at least capable of doing the basics on their own. As a result, you should advertise your vacation rental management company as a service that can fill in the gaps that the Airbnb platform has not addressed, such as the ability to help your clients automate their vacation rental businesses. Let your prospects know that you use the powerful technology and high-end software in your daily work.

You should also show your clients that hiring your vacation management service means the difference between providing adequate service and service that exceeds their Airbnb guests’ expectations every time. Given the importance of obtaining positive reviews on the Airbnb platform and achieving Superhost status, let your potential clients know that your business offers the missing elements needed to become successful in the vacation rental business.

Not Being the Largest Company Is an Advantage

Remember that choosing a vacation rental management company is a huge decision for any Airbnb host. Many Airbnb hosts look to the vacation rental management giants assuming that their size might mean that they’re the best choice. Unfortunately, the sheer size of such companies often means that some of their clients’ needs go unmet.

When you can appeal to the concerns that Airbnb hosts have that aren’t been met by the competition, you’ll attract more clients. Following these tips will ensure that your company offers all of the features that each of your clients needs in order to feel confident about handing over the management of their vacation rental business to a third-party.

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