iGMS Recognized as Outstanding Vacation Rental Software on B2B Review Platform

We are delighted to share that iGMS has been awarded the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award by B2B review platform CompareCamp.
iGMS Recognized as Outstanding Vacation Software on B2B Review Platform

iGMS are proud to be recognized amongst the best vacation rental software companies in a competitive industry. We work tirelessly with one main goal in mind – to make the lives of property managers and hosts easier.

Creating the best vacation rental software is important to us, that’s why our team makes regular updates, improves and adds features, and fixes any problems that come to light. 

We’re not looking for a pat on the back – we just want to make sure our customers get value for money. 

We want to offer the best vacation rental property management software we possibly can. 

That said, we can’t hide our delight in winning two special awards from CompareCamp. iGMS has been awarded the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. CompareCamp industry experts described it as the software to beat when it comes to the management of vacation rentals, hotels, and real property rentals.


“It is an honor and pleasure to receive such recognition. This acknowledgment makes us even more determined to improve our software. We are grateful for our customers and partners who always inspire us to work even harder on our big plans.” 

Ivan Levchenko, CEO and Co-founder of iGMS.

What is CompareCamp?

A leader in providing objective product reviews, CompareCamp provides consumers with a clear and concise overview of products – detailing key features and providing useful comparisons. The company compiles educational guides on a number of services and products, in particular business and software apps, such as iGMS. 

CompareCamp puts together credible SaaS and B2B reviews that can help you to identify the right product for you, such as the best vacation rental software for your business. 

The analysis and research are carried out by a team of industry experts, who grade software based on its features, value for money, ease of use, and customer support. CompareCamp then presents their findings to interested consumers. 

The CompareCamp Great User Experience Award

CompareCamp presented iGMS with the Great User Experience Award – recognizing it has some of the best vacation rental management software available. Industry experts concluded that iGMS offers lots of smart tools and features, designed to simplify the vacation management process. 

So what does the best vacation rental management software have to offer hosts and property owners? Features include multi-platform property handling, workflow control, and streamlined communication with guests, to name but a handful.

The CompareCamp team was pleased with our efforts – they liked that our software can manage properties across numerous websites. They also rated it amongst the best vacation rental software due to the special tools provided for automated messaging. 

The Rising Star of 2019 Award

We are pleased to confirm that iGMS has also been named as CompareCamp’s Rising Star of 2019. Our level of growth has been highly commended by the industry experts, who rated us amongst the top vacation rental software companies.

CompareCamp highlighted the fact that we have worked hard to develop advanced integrated tools such as a channel manager with the native integration to major short-term rental platforms. They were impressed that our channel manager comes with a built-in multi-calendar option and a unified inbox.  

New Achievements Are Coming

We’ve had a productive time, aside from the two accolades provided by CompareCamp we’ve also bagged four more awards over the course of 2020. We made it onto the annual Ready to Rocket list for the ICT sector and were also named as a frontrunner for Hotel Management Software by Software Advice. On top of this iGMS bagged a Quality Choice Award, and a top-rated award for vacation rental software from SoftwareWorld

Here at iGMS we are always really pleased to receive recognition for our efforts. However, that never slows us down – we always strive to deliver the best vacation rental software we can. We listen to our customers and make the changes they ask for, resolve issues, and make improvements. Our team keeps our customers updated with regular product monthly roundups detailing our efforts, and we intend to carry on doing this. Plus we have really big news coming – iGMS going to launch an integration with Booking.com very soon. Stay tuned!


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