Our Revamp, Rebrand and Vacation Rental Software Roadmap

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We are happy to introduce a new brand style of iGMS vacation rental software! Read the article to know all about new solutions, features and roadmap of the first-class product in the vacation rental software industry.

Growth means continuous changes

They say that change is as good as a holiday. If you work in the vacation rental industry, you will know only too well that there have been many significant changes lately. Just like the number of hosts and happy guests is increasing on a daily basis, any vacation rental software company must follow suit and improve the efficiency of their software solutions.

vacation rental software rebranding

As a result, iGMS has made it one of our top priorities to enhance our product so that we too can ensure that the vacation rental business grows and moves forward in the right direction. In fact, more and more hosts boast multiple properties and therefore we have made it our mission to create streamlined, intuitive software that will help hosts with multiple listings, in particular, to run their businesses while on the go.

The vacation rental business is not the only one that has grown. We too have quickly grown from a small startup to one of the leaders in the field of vacation rental software. In less than three years after we first launched in 2015, iGMS is already helping clients from more than 49 countries across the world manage nearly 18 000 Airbnb property listings. So, it was time to make a few changes relating to our visual identity and technology. We have supercharged our software with countless impressive features and redesigned it too!

Here is what’s new to our vacation rental software

You might have spotted some of the changes already in our new color scheme and logo. The use of grey and yellow in our design symbolizes the bold character of the iGMS brand. Over the years we have made it our mission never to stop improving our product. The hard work has paid off and today our vacation rental software is the perfect all-in-one-solution that caters to all the unique needs of a vacation rental business as portrayed by the polyhedron symbol with its many planes that is used in our logo.

vacation rental software design

Though, no rebranding is complete without paying attention to functionality too. Therefore, we have simplified the navigation of our website. Also, we have supercharged our software with countless impressive features and redesigned it too!

As a matter of fact, last year already iGMS added to the festive cheer of the festive season by improving lots of features including cleaning management tools, key management, and access control. Thanks to the new access level control, you can control what your team members can access. This way they can only see their duties helping you to manage your listings more securely and efficiently. Seeing how successful our integration with Keycafe was, we decided to integrate with another key exchange partner, EveryDoor, earlier this year.

And our plans for 2018 are far from over

On top of the rebrand, the iGMS team has committed themselves to introducing a first-class product update and roadmap. One of the most anticipated updates is native integration with both VRBO and HomeAway. This exciting update is planned to be launched in just a few months’ time by June 2018!

What sets us apart from other vacation rental software is that in addition to using the latest technology, we draw from our very own experiences as Airbnb hosts to identify the unique needs that other fellow hosts struggle with. Geared with this knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we can introduce the best practices to solve your challenges.

Vacation rental software roadmap

Any growing business needs to incorporate technology. The world is constantly changing and you can rest assured that iGMS will continue striving to be one step ahead of the change. Our bold team is resolved never to stop leading the way in the vacation rental software industry.

Now that you know why everyone is walking on air over at iGMS, be sure to see for yourself what the excitement is all about by checking out our revamped website and rebranding of our popular Airbnb cloud-based, all-in-one vacation rental software. It does not matter if you are just an individual host or a company that boasts many listings, iGMS is now your all-in-one-solution for all your vacation rental requirements.


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