Airbnb Furniture: How and Where to Buy

Are you searching for the Airbnb furniture that works for both guests and hosts? Discover quick tips about how and where to choose cost-effective and long-lasting furniture for your Airbnb!

You need furniture for your Airbnb rental that both makes your rental property seem comfortable and inviting while providing the function that guests need. Yes, it should be cost-effective and long-lasting. So how do you purchase Airbnb furniture that works for everyone?

Here are some tips to help you pick the right Airbnb furniture for your property.

How to Choose Airbnb Furniture

Airbnb Furniture how to choose

Choosing furniture for your Airbnb property is easier when you consider what your guests might want.


When it comes to photos for your listing and the actual impressions of guests, Airbnb furniture plays a major role in defining the quality of your listing. Looks and quality are extremely important. Make sure that the furniture is well-suited to the type of atmosphere that you are trying to create.


Your guests have needs when it comes to furniture and it is up to you to create a comfortable and convenient experience. For example, if your target guest is the business traveler, you’ll want to concentrate on giving the impression with furniture that your place is ideal for hard-working, productive guests. Choose furniture that offers built-in charging for gadgets, as well as, ergonomically-designed chairs.


When considering furniture, you should also keep safety in mind. Make sure that all the furniture that you purchase can be placed without creating safety hazards. While reasonable caution is always important, take extra care to make sure that your furniture is safe for families with young children if you frequently receive these types of guests.


Convenience is also a major factor to consider in selecting furniture for your property because you want Airbnb furniture that is easy to clean and can stand up to regular wear and tear. Remember that the costs of purchasing furniture can add up quickly so it’s always best to invest in quality pieces that are cost-effective to maintain.

Airbnb Furniture Essentials

Selecting Airbnb furniture is all about making sure the majority of your guests are satisfied. As you choose Airbnb to consider the following features for these common furniture pieces:

Sofa: Choose a sofa that is appropriate for space. It should be comfortable but not oversized. A convertible couch is preferred so that you can charge extra to accommodate an additional guest.

Storage: From armoires to bedside tables with drawers, make sure that there are adequate storage options so that guests have plenty of room to store their clothes and other items that they might bring along.

Lamps: Adequate lighting is essential. However, a proper choice of lighting can also add coziness and a relaxed ambiance to your space.

Mattress: If you want to ensure that your guests have a relaxing time, spend a bit more to guarantee them a good night’s rest with a quality mattress.

Décor: While Airbnb furniture is important, don’t overlook the value of decorative items, such as vases, plants, cushions, and artwork. These help to make your property seem personalized and inviting.

Where to Purchase Airbnb Furniture

Airbnb Furniture Tips

Here are some places that Airbnb hosts turn to for Airbnb furniture.


CasaOne is a furniture rental service that allows you to obtain designer furniture at just a small portion of the actual cost of buying furniture. They include delivery and the furniture is readily assembled for you so that you don’t have to worry about you’ll install it.

The best part of this arrangement is that you can upgrade the furniture at any time thanks to CasaOne plans. That will allow you to change the furniture seasonally if you prefer. Additionally, it will also keep you from ending up with outdated furniture that you’ve spent thousands on and no longer want.


IKEA is the go-to furniture store for functional pieces at reasonable prices. While IKEA furniture is economical, some Airbnb hosts recommend using it sparingly so that your property doesn’t end up looking like an IKEA showroom.

If you use their furniture, make sure to mix it up with some decorative pieces you’ve purchased from elsewhere to make your property seem more personalized.

Your Local Furniture Store

If you’re looking for pieces that reflect your location, your local furniture store is likely your best bet. A local furniture store can help you to create the perfect tourist destination in your home. Furthermore, it will be a lot easier for you to find pieces are unique and distinctive.


Craigslist and other listing sites can help you to find furniture that is in good to like-new condition at a reasonable price. If you’re looking to fill in a few missing furniture items for your property, listing sites are a good place to start.

Final Tips

  • If you can qualify, consider seeking out 0% interest deals that are offered by many furniture stores. This can help you minimize your upfront investment when it comes to purchasing new Airbnb furniture.
  • Balance value versus cost. While you want your Airbnb property to be Instagram-worthy, that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank while purchasing Airbnb furniture. Try to do the best that you can while still sticking to your budget.
  • If you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to choosing furniture for your Airbnb rental, just take a look at top-rated hotel and bed and breakfast locations in your area and simply copy them. Sometimes there is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to furnishing your Airbnb property.
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