Airbnb Family-Friendly: Make Your Property Safe for Guests With Children

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To make your properties Airbnb family-friendly is easy! Here is a simple guide on how to make family vacation house rentals safe for guests who travel with their young children.

Do you rent your Airbnb property to families with young children? If you frequently receive families as guests to your Airbnb property you should make sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to provide your guests with an adequate level of safety for their children.

Here’s how to make family vacation house rentals safe for guests who travel with their young children.

Talk to Your Guests About Their Airbnb Family-Friendly Expectations

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Have a discussion with your guests about their expectations regarding the safety of your property before they arrive. That way you can make sure that you are on the same page as to whether you have taken sufficient action to provide the level of Airbnb family-friendly security that the guest is looking for during the stay.

By doing this beforehand, you can avoid a canceled booking or poor review due to the guest being dissatisfied with your preparations for their stay or their accommodations.

Ask About Allergies and Special Needs

Some children have food allergies which is something that you should know about beforehand if you plan to offer meals or snacks to your guests. As a family vacation house rentals host, designing an Airbnb for families experience, means that you’ll have to consider every aspect of living with a child just as a parent would. You should ask parents if they need any special accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility, as well.

By inquiring about any unusual circumstances, you can protect the safety of your guests and avoid creating a potentially dangerous situation at your property.

How to Babyproof/Childproof Your Airbnb Property

The most important steps of babyproofing or childproofing your Airbnb family-friendly property involve taking the necessary safety precautions to prevent injuries. Move breakable items out, install plug protectors, add stair gates, and cabinet locks. Make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to eliminate any hazardous situation that a young child could be faced with in your property.

Most home accidents are avoidable when the necessary precautions are taken to childproof the home. Here are some additional steps that you should follow:


  1. Secure the oven door with an appliance latch.
  2. Add stove guard that blocks access to the burners and covers for the knobs.
  3. Add locks/latches for all cabinets and appliances.

Fireplaces and Heating:

  1. Install a fireplace grill.
  2. Keep all logs, matches and other fireplace accessories out of reach.
  3. Block access to radiators and heating vents.


  1. Don’t use placemats or tablecloths on tables because children can pull them down on top of them along with the contents of the table.
  2. Secure tall lamps behind furniture.

All Rooms:

  1. Adjust or remove curtain cords so that they are out of reach.
  2. Secure heavy appliances so that they can not easily fall.
  3. Apply doorstops and door holders for all doors.
  4. Apply safety guards, window stops, and safety nets to the windows.
  5. Hide electrical cords for all devices.
  6. Secure all trash cans with latches and lids.

Fire, Carbon Monoxide, & Poisoning Prevention:

  1. Check the batteries in the smoke detector every month.
  2. Check the batters in the carbon monoxide detector at least twice per year.
  3. Provide details about the fire escape route in your Guest Welcome Book.
  4. Remove toxic houseplants from the property.
  5. Cleaning agents should be placed out of reach or locked in cabinets.
  6. Make sure to provide emergency services phone numbers in your Guest Welcome Book.

Cleanliness Is Extremely Important With Airbnb Family Friendly Properties

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Guests who are traveling with children are often super vigilant about the cleanliness of a property. They often worry about their children getting sick while staying at a property away from home. So make sure that you have your cleaning service pay special attention to surfaces that a child would come into contact with including floors, bedding, and any baby furniture or toys.

You should also make sure that you don’t provide items to guests that can not be easily sterilized between uses, such as certain types of toys and baby furniture. Make sure that you notify guests that they need to bring these items with them and they will not be provided to them at your property.

Make Sure That It Is Possible to Childproof Your Property at All Times

Although you might not usually receive families as guests to your Airbnb property, it is a good idea to make sure that you can always childproof your property on demand. Never assume that guests will simply skip overbooking your property just because you haven’t checked the boxes to indicate that your listing is Airbnb family friendly or childproof.

Having the option to childproof your home could also help you to land a booking at the last minute. An Airbnb family-friendly property may also increase your earnings from an existing booking if the guests decide that they want to invite other family members to stay at your property.

Airbnb Infant Policy

According to the Airbnb infant policy, all Airbnb hosts must allow infants to stay for free. As a result, you should be prepared to accommodate even the youngest Airbnb guests by infant-proofing your property as well.

Become an Airbnb Family Friendly Host

Finally, it is in your best interest to make sure that you can accommodate all guests who choose to book your property regardless of their family needs. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate that you are a welcoming Airbnb family-friendly host who puts their guests’ needs first and above all does not discriminate against guests who have children.

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