Rules to Handle Bad Airbnb Guest Reviews

What to do if you get a bad Airbnb guest reviews? Simply use the list of actions that will guide you through the uneasy process and help you overcome it!

When you have a bad Airbnb guest reviews – this feels like a direct blow to the face. After all, you’ve done everything that you could to provide perfect host conditions and yet, someone is not satisfied with a stay. What to do? Here are a few tips.

1. Be rational

bad Airbnb guests reviews

The worst thing you can do is to go ahead and start acting emotional. Instead, make sure that you are actually reasonable. See what the complaint is about and react appropriately – this is going to make a good impression on everyone who is reading it after the fact. Especially if you are targeting business guests this part gets even more important. Act like a businessperson.

2. Own it

Instead of getting down on yourself, make sure that you do everything you can to draw all the value from it. Negative experience is still an experience and you need to make sure that you’ve drawn all the proper conclusions. Do not forget to screen your Airbnb guest in advance too. If the Airbnb guest has positive reviews and complete profile, he is less likely to leave a cause less review.

3. Say you are sorry

A good-hearted “sorry” can always do the trick. Acknowledge that you’ve made a mistake and make sure to prevent it from happening again in the future – it’s that simple. Give it a try and avoid bad Airbnb guest reviews.

4. Show that you care

You can offer some sort of compensation in order to show that you care about the negative Airbnb guest reviews and that you want to ensure that everything is handled properly afterward. Don’t procrastinate and respond to review as soon as you can. Show your guests that they are heard.

5. Keep calm responding to negative Airbnb guest reviews

It’s easy to get triggered off a negative comment. However, it is particularly important for you to respond in a calm manner which is professional and friendly at the same time. And don’t let a bad Airbnb guest reviews to ruin your day. You’ve got more bookings to come.

6. You have a saying as well

negative Airbnb guest review

Keep in mind that you have a say at this as well. If you feel the review was unwarranted, you can explain the situation and provide the actual insight into it. You shouldn’t sound as if you are making excuses.

In any case – there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. Make sure that you handle everything with the necessary composure and reason and everything will be good. You shouldn’t give it that much thought, after all – this is not the end of the road. Things like this happen while running Airbnb business. Draw the proper conclusions – and get over it.

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