Practical Tips on How to Screen Airbnb Guests

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Allowing total strangers into your home can be uneasy. Follow iGMS tips to screen your Airbnb guest to feel more comfortable with your property.

Now, the truth is that screening Airbnb guest as well as allowing people in your own home is basically the entire concept which defines the company’s business model. “Can I trust Airbnb guest?” – this is the question that pops up while running Airbnb business. Airbnb renter background check is one of the first things to do for a host. Here are some practical insights on how to screen potential renters.

screening Airbnb guest

Tailor your listing

One of the most important things you can do as an Airbnb host is to tailor your listing to the right guests in the first place. This means that you should tailor your listings to the guests you’d like to attract before guests even contact you. How can you do this successfully?
First, create an Airbnb listing that highlights key features of your property that will be important and attractive to the type of guests you’d like to host. If you have a house with a beautiful view of mountains but with 4 flights of stairs, guests who may have issues with stairs will know that your listing may not be the right fit for them and you can avoid a negative review and experience from the beginning.

How to spot a suspicious Airbnb guest:

    1. Communication outside of Airbnb speaks of problems. This means that you won’t be able to rely on the securities provided by the website and that’s definitely not something that you want to go for. Watch out for guests like that. Keep your communication with Airbnb guest in Airbnb messages or use your chat options in  Airbnb vacation rental software.
    2. Questions that don’t make any sense – if a person is unwilling to answer your questions yet he keeps on insisting that you provide him additional information – this is definitely something that you want to take into account.
    3. Bad communication – if your Airbnb guest is avoiding answering certain questions and things of this kind, this is usually a bad sign. The tone of communication is also important. Politeness is essential for establishing a dialog.

Spotting the dream Airbnb guest:

      1. Check personal details – of course, this doesn’t really need to be obligatory criteria and it all depends on the type of host that you are as well as the guests that you are looking for. See if they have an added email address and an actual phone number and get in touch in advance.
      2. The profile should be completed – this one is always a good thing to look for. Check if the visitor that you are going to accommodate has a proper profile on Airbnb – this speaks of responsibility.
      3. Social connections – this is something additional and self-explanatory. It’s one desirable step for you to look for in order to make sure that the renter’s identity is trustworthy.

Screening potential Airbnb guest starts with the Airbnb host!

Think twice about hosting suspicious renters. They are not only more likely to leave a negative review. Your property can be in danger as well. In any case, these are, of course, signs that are not 100% red flags but are merely a suggestion of the things that you need to take into account when it comes to it. With all this being said, adopting those tips is definitely going to be helpful and we wish you the best of luck.

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