iGMS Partners with Nannybag to Provide International Luggage Storage

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Nannybag, an innovative luggage storage solution, to help hosts exceed guest expectations.
iGMS Partners with Nannybag

As a savvy host, you are no doubt keen to find ways to enhance your vacation rental business. In a saturated short-term rental market, you need to stand out. It’s no longer good enough to just meet guest expectations, nowadays it’s all about exceeding guest expectations.

Here at iGMS, we want to help you with your mission! We are determined to provide you with practical tools to boost your guests’ experience, earn super reviews and increase occupancy rates. With this in mind, we have partnered with Nannybag, a company offering international luggage storage. 

Let Your Guests Explore Hands-Free with Nannybag

“I just love walking around a crowded city dragging my heavy suitcase or lugging oversized bags,” said no guest ever! Your guests are planning to arrive early in the morning, but check-in time is 3 pm and you simply cannot accommodate them any earlier. 

Your guests are keen to embark on a full day of sightseeing, but they don’t want to be burdened by heavy bags. This leaves them with a dilemma, do they wait it out in a local café, staring at the clock? Or do they carry on regardless, weighed down by heavy luggage, two bags, and a set of golf clubs? 

Wouldn’t it be better to give your guests a better option? Why not give them the gift of freedom? Allow your visitors to explore effortlessly, by offering luggage storage service courtesy of Nannybag.


What is Nannybag and How Does It Work? 

Nannybag offers a comprehensive luggage storage network in 40 countries including Australia, the USA, the UK, and France. Travelers will find luggage storage facilities in 500 cities including ParisLondon and New York. Thanks to their 10,000+ partners, Nannybag is the #1 luggage storage service in the world, making optimizing your travel experience their top goal.

The luggage storage process is very simple. The Nannybag app, available on iOS or Android and website pinpoint the exact locations of their luggage storage locations. Guests simply choose a convenient location, specify the number of bags they want to leave, then select a drop-off and pick-up time. 

Nannybag’s luggage storage facilities are fittingly placed in close proximity to tourist attractions, landmarks, airports, and train stations. Your guests won’t have to wander for miles to find a Nannybag location. 

It won’t break the bank either! Nannybag’s luggage storage starts from as little as $6 per day. All bags are well looked after by Nannies and can be left for the length of time that suits (that might be a few hours or as long as 30 days).

Safe and Secure Luggage Storage from Nannybag

Guests can rest easy, knowing their bags are being well looked after. As helping your guests have the best travel experience is their top priority, Nannybag only operates with verified partner shops, hotels, and restaurants. In addition, only 10% of potential partners who apply end up making the cut as official Nannies.

When a traveler arrives at their chosen luggage storage location, the Nannybag representative will authenticate their identity. Security seals are then added to each stored item for additional peace of mind.

A portion of the security seal is detachable and given to the guest to prove that their luggage was stored there and that they are the owner. For maximum security, the room in which your luggage is stored will be locked at all times. Insurance is also included in your luggage storage fee and covers up to $1,500.

Exceed the Expectations of Your Guests

One of the top vacation rental tips for owners is a simple one – do all you can to please your guests. This means getting the basics right like making sure your rental is clean and tidy, to providing the essentials such as fresh bedding, working appliances, hot water, etc. It also means making sure your guests feel welcome. 

Go that extra mile by offering Nannybag’s luggage storage service and providing a comprehensive welcome guide or vacation rental welcome letter. Look into negotiating discounts with local restaurants for your guests. Consider adding a personal touch like a welcome gift. This could be anything from a bottle of wine, to tasty treats such as organic chocolates or gourmet cookies. 

Providing additional services might cost you a bit more time and money, but the investment will be worth it. Guests are drawn to rentals that offer great value and memorable experiences. You will be rewarded with super feedback, which can boost your ratings, lead to interest from potential guests and improve your occupancy rates. 

Provide Your Guests with Luggage Storage Service Right Now 

Give your guests one less thing to worry about, because fussing with their luggage should be the last thing on their mind! Hook them up with Nannybag and let them explore freely! Joining Nannybag’s affiliate program is a great way to ease your guest’s stay while making extra money effortlessly! It’s free, non-binding, quick and easy! Most of all, it enables you to provide your guests with a larger range of services. The average booking basket for a Nannybag client is around $18. Promote the Nannybag service and you’ll earn a 15% commission on each new Nannybag booking made through your iGMS platform using a tracked link. 

To join Nannybag’s affiliate program, simply create an account on CJ Affiliate and sign up. This will give you access to all the marketing materials you’ll need to promote Nannybag and help you generate commissions: a set of html5 banners, text links, and a deep link generator.
You’ll also be assigned an affiliate account manager to guide you through the entire process.

Meanwhile, your guests can now enjoy the attractions and tourist hot-spots without having to cart along their cumbersome bags, and you can earn serious host brownie points for your efforts!

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