8 Not-so-obvious Ways to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

If you are looking for possibilities to promote your Airbnb listing, there are many creative ways to reach your target guests outside of the Airbnb platform. Here are 8 not-so-obvious but very effective ways to promote your Airbnb listing.

If you are looking for possibilities to promote your Airbnb listing, there are many creative ways to reach your target guests outside of the Airbnb platform. Here are 8 not-so-obvious but very effective ways to promote your Airbnb listing.

1. Create a Story to Promote Your Airbnb Listing on Social Media

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What makes an Airbnb listing interesting? The fact that there is a story behind it.

Share beautiful photos of the interiors of your listing on social media. You can even combine these photos with photos from other places nearby to create a guide to your neighborhood. Follow up with photos of local establishments that you love and write a bit about each one.

While you don’t have to go as far as creating a blog for your Airbnb listing, you should make it into a story. Use your social media story as a way to draw in guests that are looking for a specific experience.

“Customize content for each persona. Knowing your target audience allows you to design listing description and special offers to draw their interest. For each piece of content, whether it’s an update on Facebook, a post on Instagram or other content, think about the persona you are targeting.”

— Heather and Mike Bayer, Vacation Rental Formula

2. Work With a Journalist or Lifestyle Blogger

This might be a bit tricky, but it is one strategy you should absolutely consider as part of your long-term growth strategy. Lifestyle bloggers who have tons of followers on social media, as well as, journalists can bring you some serious publicity.

The easiest way to attract their attention is to offer to allow them to stay at your property for free so that they can post about it and review it. Try contacting them directly and explain your offer. They are more than likely willing to do this as long as your Airbnb listing has a good amount of reviews. Also, it would help if you’ve already established yourself as a Superhost on Airbnb.

3. Create a Unique URL to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

If you have a unique angle that you can use to promote your Airbnb listing, such as its location or the architecture, consider a unique URL. It makes tracking the traffic to your Airbnb listing less complicated and it is also easier for guests to remember.

While you might have considered a vanity URL, take the extra step and just purchase a domain that redirects to your Airbnb listing. This only takes a few minutes and now you have an easy to remember .com domain that you can share with potential guests.

4. Join Vacation Rental Forums

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When you join vacation rental forums, you’ll get to interact with other hosts about a variety of issues related to hosting on Airbnb. While this helps grow your business by teaching you how to manage it more effectively, you can also benefit from a bit of word of mouth advertising to promote your Airbnb listing.

By staying active in the community, your fellow Airbnb hosts will likely look out for you and send some business your way. So work on building up your credibility so that other hosts know that they can trust you enough to send you referrals.

5. Get Listed With Tourism Websites in Your Area

Like hotels and hostels, make sure that your Airbnb properties are listed with tourism websites in your area. These are trusted resources for out of town visitors. As a result, getting listed with these organizations is sure to boost your bookings.

6. Create Business Cards and Flyers

If you primarily use the internet to promote your Airbnb listing, don’t overlook offline methods of advertising. Create business cards and flyers to leave at local businesses in your area that tourists frequent, such as restaurants and local events.

If you travel often, make sure that your share your business cards with people who you meet and personally invite them to stay at your Airbnb property if they plan to visit your area. By meeting with you in-person, potential guests will make a deeper connection that will easily help you to outdo the competition on Airbnb.

7. Create Special Offers for Your Guests

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It’s always worth it to appeal to your guests by creating special offers. After guests stay at your property, let them know that you’re offering a 10% discount on their next stay if they invite their friends or colleagues to stay. You can also create a discount for returning guests or offer them extra perks if they plan to stay again.

Airbnb has its own referral program to attract new guests so there is no reason why you can’t do the same. In fact, referral programs are one of the most effective ways of bringing in new business in any industry.

8. Submit Photos of Your Property to Design Blogs

Interior design and real estate blogs are always looking for fresh content. If your property features some great design, this is a great strategy to get some extra exposure for your property. The location of your property isn’t even important. What will make the difference is that the sites link back to your Airbnb listing, which will boost your search engine rankings and earn you more rankings.

Search for smaller real estate companies that have blogs as they are likely to be more receptive to your proposition. However, before you make your pitch figure how why they would want to feature your property in the first place. Is your property a stellar example of eco-friendly design or does your property have a unique period architecture? If you can find the right angle, you might just find your property getting published on dozens of blogs.

When you search for creative ways to promote your Airbnb listing, you should be aware that the exposure you receive is often far more effective than paid advertising. If you manage to make your property go viral, it often results in a ton of bookings. Just make sure that you’re prepared to deal with the extra traffic when it arrives.

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