7 Airbnb SEO Tips for Airbnb Entrepreneur

Airbnb SEO tips for Airbnb entrepreneurs to hit the top and make your Airbnb business successful. Get practical advice for listings management from iGMS.

There are over 1.5 million listings in almost all the countries throughout the entire world on Airbnb. That’s right – the competition is quite significant. Being an Airbnb entrepreneur is quite a challenge. A simple search is going to define whether your listing goes on top or not. And, as you must surely know – being on top is something of the utter importance. Here are a few tips on Airbnb SEO which are definitely helping you up.

Airbnb SEO for Airbnb entrepreneur

Keep your calendar updated

Hosts who are actively updating their calendar are at least 70% more likely to get booked. If you are updating your calendar regularly, your listing is going to be responsive and active as per the tags of Airbnb’s algorithm. This will boost its rankings. Meaning more guests for you.

Be wise with pricing as an Airbnb entrepreneur

Now, the inbuilt price calculator could be a very special tool if you are aware of your competition. Keep in mind that unlike Google, here, the price has a direct impact on your listing. Keep an eye out for the competition and make sure that you subtly trump it without dumping the prices considerably.

Use the right words

Of course, content is absolutely critical for the search engine of Airbnb and as an Airbnb entrepreneur, you need to make sure it’s properly optimized. Be precise and on-point, using the searchable terms and making sure they are placed properly. Describe your amenities as specific as possible. Then get to the landmarks. Use the appropriate keywords depending on your target guests. For instance, if you plan to attract business guests select the words accordingly.

Pictures sell

When it comes to SEO, as an Airbnb entrepreneur you should understand that a picture is particularly important. The listing that you have will thoroughly benefit from a professional photo shoot as this is going to highlight the overall benefits of your accommodation. Eventually, it will increase your booking rate. What is more, the site is going to watermark the shoots and this will boost your SEO rankings considerably.

Airbnb Seo tips

Quick response

In terms of personal optimization, so to speak, the quicker you reply, the better Airbnb is going to perceive you as a host. This is going to increase your SEO rankings and, what is more, it’s also guaranteed that your listings do not degrade in time.

Frequent log-ins

Considered as a black sheep in the Airbnb options, Instant Book, when activated, allows guests to instantly book your listing as long as it is available.  This means that they bypass any pre-approval waiting times.  Travelers with sensitive time frames flock to listings with this option as they require a greater amount of flexibility than listings that require a pre-approval from the host.  A certain percentage of Airbnb entrepreneurs even limit their searches to listings marked with Instant Book.

Try using Vacation Rental Management Software

Using Vacation Rental Management Software such as iGMS will help you with automatic quick responses and updating your prices 5 times a day without involving you. So, you may choose automation instead or regular manual efforts. Think about it and give it a try.

All of these bits of advice for Airbnb entrepreneur are working and can help you be on top of the search results and get a lot more traffic to your listing than you think it’s even possible. Good luck with your Airbnb SEO!

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