Your Monthly iGMS Roundup [June 2020]

Here’s a roundup of the latest stories and updates released by the team here at iGMS since May.

What’s new with iGMS in June? It’s time to catch up on recent updates, and check out the quality improvements we’ve rolled out this month.

We launched our new Guest Communication for Direct Bookings feature in June, and we’re pleased to say we seem to have hit the bullseye. The trend is gaining momentum, and we really appreciate all of the feedback and comments we have received. 

Aside from working on the new feature, our product team has been taking good care of the nuts and bolts of the iGMS system too 🔩⚙️

⭐Major Improvements:

  • We have fine-tuned the sync process for the accounts that were locked by vacation rental platforms. Once the account is unlocked, iGMS initiates the additional synchronization for the calendars – to keep them updated💡
  • Airbnb inquiry breakdowns are now always visible in a thread🧵
  • The Inbox is now automatically refreshed when you receive new messages from guests who have booked their vacation rental directly with you (not via Airbnb or HomeAway/Vrbo💬).

🛠️...Our technical support team ensure that the iGMS system runs consistently and efficiently. Here’s what they have completed in June:

  • Fixed a bug to ensure users can easily access Live Support chat via their mobile app. 
  • Resolved an issue relating to the Inbox occasionally not blocking automation if the same templates were sent manually
  • Corrected a bug – enabling cleaners  to view the checkout time in the correct format🗓️
  • Resolved an error relating to notifications about new Airbnb support messages. Notifications are now sent properly. 
  • Improved HomeAway properties’ sync stability🔧
  • Fixed an error that sometimes resulted in blocked sending images to guests (especially if the property they booked was merged via Channel manager). Now attachments can be sent to guests seamlessly📝
  • Corrected an issue related to cleaning auto-assignment. Now cleaners are automatically assigned to new cleanings according to the property settings. 
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally affected variables in the auto-replies. Now the reservation date, check-in, and checkout time are retrieved correctly⏰ 
  • Corrected a bug to ensure the inbox always correctly displays the status of special offers.
  • Fixed a small design error relating to icons. Now the Aribnb and HomeAway icons are displayed properly in the “Accounts and Listings” section. 
  • Updated the format of guest phone numbers in the message templates.
  • Resolved a problem whereby the map did not appear in the address editor🔎

We never cease to look for more ways to improve your experience with iGMS, and we would like to invite you to our weekly iGMS Product webinar. Take a closer look at how iGMS features can be used to benefit your hosting business. 

Whether you are already with us or yet to join iGMS, don’t hesitate to grab your spot! And stay tuned for more mind-blowing updates to come in July!

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