Airbnb for Kids: How to Make Your Property Kid-Friendly

Airbnb travelers with children usually look for the accommodation more carefully than others. If you want to prepare your Airbnb for kids properly, you will need to take into account some essential points. Check our guide on how to make your Airbnb kid-friendly!

When your guests travel with their children they have to make special accommodations, one of which is finding an Airbnb for kids. Airbnb kid-friendly properties are perfect for guests with families because they don’t have to worry about many of the safety concerns that regular Airbnb listings have.

If you want to attract more Airbnb guests who are traveling with children and make sure that you are in compliance with the Airbnb infant policy, follow this checklist to prepare your Airbnb for kids.

1. Breakability

The first thing that you want to do is to assess your property for breakability. An Airbnb for kids should not have items that can easily fall down and break because of kids running around and knocking into something. So make sure that you put away your fine china, vases, lamps, and other items that can easily be broken.

You don’t want your guests to feel like their kids are staying in a china shop because that will only make their stay at your property more stressful than relaxing. Of course, you are free to still have things in your home that you don’t want kids to touch to decorate your property for other guests without children. However, make sure that your cleaning service puts these things out of reach until your guests with children leave.

Finally, choose furniture and appliances carefully when you are deciding what to buy for your Airbnb. Opt for items, such as appliances with touchscreens and touch pads, that can’t be easily destroyed by a young child. You can do some research online in order to figure out what furniture and appliances are perfect for homes with children.

2. Kitchen

 airbnb kid friendly

Most Airbnb guests who are traveling with children will probably need to use the kitchen at some point. So you’ll want to make sure that the kitchen of your Airbnb for kids is fully stocked and child-proof at the same time. Make sure that you have all of the essentials that your guests will need to cook, such as pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and condiments.

You’ll also need to add items that make the kitchen safe for young children, such as stove knob covers and cabinet locks. Make sure that all dangerous cleaning supplies are locked away and out of reach.

3. WiFi and TV

The internet and TV are the easiest ways for parents to unwind after putting the kids to bed. It’s also helpful for giving kids something to do when parents need a break. Make sure that you share the WiFi and Netflix passwords with your guests before they arrive and have a copy of them in your Welcome Book so that they can easily access them at any time.

4. Washer and Dryer

Kids go through clothes faster than adults, especially if they are staying at your property for more than a couple of nights. As a result, an Airbnb for kids should have a working washer and dryer so that your guests can use them as needed.

This will also help your guests to avoid creating a safety hazard for themselves by storing wet clothing in the bathroom which could result in a slip and fall accident.

5. Make Sure There Are Extra Beds Available

airbnb children

If your Airbnb guests are traveling with their children, it is highly likely that they might also be traveling with other family members. As a result, you should make sure that your Airbnb for kids has extra beds available so that you can profit from additional guests who want to stay at the last minute. Invest in a rollaway cot and bunk beds so that there are additional sleeping options available for your guests to use as needed.

6. Prep Your Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space that your guests will be able to utilize during their stay, you should also make sure that you prep this space for kids as well. Make sure that all walkways are safe to walk on without broken stones or obstructions. You should also install a gate around the pool and alert parents if there is a pond or waterway in your backyard.

7. Nearby Attractions

To make it easier for your guests to find child-friendly attractions near your Airbnb for kids, you can add some suggestions to your Welcome Book. Highlight parks, libraries, and other child-friendly spots that they can visit nearby. You should also select some restaurants that are good for groups that are located nearby. Your guests will appreciate that you’ve done some of the legwork for them, which will boost your reputation as an attentive “Airbnb for kids” host.

8. Making Your Airbnb for Kids Toddler and Baby-friendly

airbnb infant policy

Although it isn’t as common, some guests may travel with their babies or toddlers. As a result, you’ll need to ask ahead of time and specify whether your property is baby-proof. If you want to make sure that your Airbnb property is safe for babies and toddlers, you’ll need to install gates for the stairs, a diaper pail for your guests to dispose of dirty diapers, rails for the balcony, and window locks. All windows should have drapery cords and outlets should be covered with outlet covers. Keep in mind that the Airbnb infant policy doesn’t require guests to pay for their infants so you’ll want to ask them if they’re traveling with an infant ahead of time so that you’re aware.

9. Display Your Kid-proof Amenities in Your Listing Photos

If your location or your property tend to attract a lot of families, don’t hesitate to display your kid-proof amenities in the photos for your Airbnb listing. You’ll book more guests with children if they can easily see that you have an Airbnb for kids. You can also add the phrase “child-friendly” or “safe for children” to the description of your Airbnb for children listing so that your guests will know that you are specifically accommodating their needs.

Airbnb hosting is a bit more complicated when there are kids involved. However, the major of these steps can be managed by your cleaning service. The most important thing is that you plan ahead and ask your guests what they need from you upfront before they arrive. By doing so, you can ensure a safe and relaxing stay for your guests and improve the chances of receiving 5-star reviews from them.

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